Referee Assistant Sascha Thielert in the interview

My cell phone is barely quiet, says Sasha Trailer. He would have remained almost completely in the hidden in the Bundesliga last Friday at the game between Cologne and Augsburg, which would probably have stayed in the hidden, Gospel Patrick Dietrich would not have given him a self-designed magazine and the video Via Social Media spreads.

In Dietrich's team, Trailer always stands for over 90 minutes on the side of the replacement benches — and thus always on the site of the coach. You know now and knows how to deal with them, says Trailer in the new episode Social Media meets DAZN, in which the first referee assistant is a guest. I find it much worse if the last spare player is still meant to give his comment. That's much more stressful than if you get a bit of battle with the coach.

While even withdrawn decisions with opposing movements a good flair have, it is precisely the clearest scenes that seem like the viewer, which will cause him the biggest problems. The most difficult decisions are when you say at home: 'That's right next to it, why does not he sees that?, Explains Trailer. If something happens right in front of your nose, it is much harder to decide than if the situation is 15 meters away. You can not watch everywhere at the same time. That's not possible to cover the eye.

Why he has specialized in the second league in the 2nd league, which distinguishes him from Deniz Akin and why he felt not well in a real decision against Anthony's modest, Trailer also reveals. In the new KM episode.

Listen to the new episode Social Media meets DAZN now:

13 . December 202101: 46: 19 hours

KM 112 — Sasha Trailer

KM — almost like captivating like a Champions League draw! In the new episode, not only as usual, the expired Bundesliga match day, but above all with Social Media reporter Oliver Bitter, the crisis in Playback analyzes. In addition, with Sasha Trailer, a referee assistant is a guest for the first time and reports on his job at the sideline and his 250th Bundesliga game on Friday in Cologne. And as cherry on top of the pie, a special coach celebrate a legendary category from former podcast times of Benny and Alex her comeback!

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