Pokémon Unite announces a Christmas event with a new Pokémon

Pokémon Unite (elegant as Pokémon UNITE) is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battlefield computer game created by Time Workshop Group and published by The Pokémon Firm for Android as well as iOS as well as by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It was revealed in a Pokémon Offers presentation on 24 June 2020. The video game was released for the Nintendo Turn On 21 July 2021, and also was released for Android and also iPhone in 73 countries on 22 September 2021.

Pokémon UNIT The final Pokémon of the year will be added in a new Christmas event. The Christmas Festival will be held from December 15 to January 16 and will have a variety of events and bonuses with Christmas themes. In particular, Dragon ite will be added to the game as a playable Pokémon as part of the event, and the Root Island and Shire City maps will receive new overlays with new Pokémon and Christmas decorations. While Deli bird and Article will appear as wild Pokémon in Shire City, Taurus, Barack, Cuckoo, St antler and Pan pour will appear as wild Pokémon at Re moat Island. While the event does not start until December 15, Remain Island will receive its Christmas renovation from tomorrow. You can see a first look at the holiday maps and Dragon ite in the advance video below:

A series of new holloware will also be added for the event, including a Santa's outfit for Pikachu, a Christmas pudding outfit for Rustle, chef's outfits for Cormorant, Mr. Mime and Normal, and Santa Claus hats for Gar chomp, Blasting, Gardener, Mamoswine and Dragon ite. Several Elements of Avatar with Christmas Themes will also be added to the game.

The event will also include a special mode 4 against 4, in which players enter without a battle element. However, when they defeat Deli bird, they receive one of the nine battle elements. When players are out of combat, they become snowmen who can still move on stage, but they can not attack until the snow melts.

DRAGONITE CONFIRMED, NEW MAP, NEW HOLOWEAR, NEW EVENT & MORE! POKEMON UNITE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! Other bonuses and gifts will also be available, through special tests for limited time, a lighting challenge in which players collect light by completing challenges, which can then be exchanged by light, and a photographic challenge in which players unlock articles Christmas collecting snowflakes and filling a photo.

This is the second season event, after the Halloween theme event of October. That event added to generate the game, along with several creepy holloware and a Halloween overlay for the maps of the game. Pokémon UNITE has also announced plans to launch Serena, a new playable Pokémon that can be unlocked through a daily login event.

Pokémon UNITE is available as a free game in Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.


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