Players of Battlefield 2042 are not satisfied with Santa Claus 'Cheesy' skin

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Battlefield 2042 players HATE the new Santa Claus Skin! EA & Dice didn't fail HARD ENOUGH yet!

The fans of Battlefield 2042 are not satisfied campers since the release of the game. The current state of the game was already sufficient to annoy them. It looks like they have found another thing they do not like about it.

Electronic Arts and Dice have deployed Santa's skin as part of the next cosmetic products on the shooter's holiday theme. Santa Claus Skin is for Russian Boris Guskovsky fighter. The skin certainly reflects the holiday season, but many players from Battlefield 2042 think it's too silly and is not suitable for the dark science fiction framework of the game.

I knew that skins of clowns like those arrived, said a player from Battlefield 2042. Dice has not lost time and added them in the very first update — incredible.

The main problem among the players of Battlefield 2042 is that Dice decided to move away from the dark and gravelly tone of the franchise. Some even compared the stupidity of the new skin in Forts. Oh no, the Skins Fortnite, a fan wrote on social networks.

Dice expects me to take the game seriously with the current literal Santa by pulling on people in what is supposed to be a world where billions of people are displaced, natural disasters destroy the planet and a Forward World War is about to be massive., complained another player from Battlefield 2042. On is supposed to take into account all that with Santa Claus running on the battlefield.

Where is my dark, graceful and mature tone of tradition ? complained another. Why should they be so nerdy, nervous and nervous at the same time? Is this game a title of Esport Leger ?

Battlefield 2042 was launched only one month ago and his base of players on Steam has already fallen by 70%. In the last 24 hours, its maximum number of players was just over 30,000. This is far from the 100,000 simultaneous players who were present during the early access launch of the game.

What do you think of Santa's skin? Let us know in the comments below.

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