La Liga: Is the FC Seville Ripe for the championship title?

Seville, which is where the music plays. The Andalusian capital is considered as a city of flamenco — and the fans of FC Seville send moving melodies of the seats of the Studio Sanchez Juan towards the playing area.

For the club from Seville's central district of Version has one of the finest, if not the most beautiful club anthem in football — in the Spanish charts climbed the him no official of the local musician El Arrest even topped. UAI Emery, Valencia with more common in Seville visits, the Red and Whites took over in 2013 and led only once that all players had to memorize the 2005 composed anthem. Before each home and away it is sung.

In the 16th minute, it continues with the common melody of I Love You Baby — only that the fans instead sing Antonio Puerto. 2007 trained in their own youth serialist broke with the number 16 on the court together, a few days later died of heart failure. Since then, the player is thought on each lot. Goosebumps moments are guaranteed on a visit to the 43,000-seater arena.

Of course, because of the team playing below. Seville, which is this team that really established already as Europa League winners once it mixes together in the competition. Regularly like a refrain, the club appears in the list of winners. 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2020, the Red and Whites won the competition, and the UEFA Cup.

waiting since 1946

The trophy for the Spanish Copa del Rey is already five times in the display case — but with the championship it will not work anymore since 1946, even if a place among the top teams of La Liga is almost always reserved. 2020/21 the team of Jules Lopetegui played long for the title, in the end it was enough despite a new points record for fourth.

Atletico Madrid vs. Sevilla REACTION: LaLiga title race over already?! | ESPN FC And this time? At the latest since 2: 1 against Master Atlético last Sunday, Seville is the last serious pursuer of Real Madrid. First, in the event that the Andalusian's win their catch-up against FC Barcelona on Tuesday evening (live! From 21 clock at Europa League). Three dots would then separate from the Royal.

The title, he would have to treat Seville, this troupe of young and old, from returnees and been rejected. Keeper Yassine Bound crack before joining Seville in the summer of 2019 no trees out in his first season he was only the Europa League goalkeeper. Seville won the title, which was due in large part to the Moroccans. Meanwhile, he is also in La Liga between the posts.

returnees and Rejected

What Bono with many of his teammates in common: At some point in the past he played at times one of the big three in Spain before he was on his way to Seville. 2012 to 2014 he was at Atlético Madrid contract. This also applies to Oliver Torres, who once was considered the greatest talent Colchoneros, for some even the whole Spanish football. With the U 19 he became European champion in 2012, he made his debut in La Liga at the age of 17 years and nine months under Diego Simeone. Inveterate Real fans will remember Oscar Rodriguez, for the Royal he came to only one use in the Copa del Rey.

But the former FC Barcelona, ​​who could meet the requirements for the Catalans or no longer, it did to Seville. Full-back Alan Vidal and central defender Sergi Gomez have indeed left the club in the summer, Muir and Rama Mir (with five goals the top scorer) but are current examples.

And then, there is still Ivan Granitic, who took the jump from Seville to Barça in 2014 and convinced. In summer 2020, the 33-year-old but then fell through the cracks of the Catalans. On Sunday he's sending the ball against Atlético (2: 1) to intermediate 1: 0 in the angle — an application for the Goal of the Year. Seville is so too does the team have been rejected. The current injury-plagued Sumo made the breakthrough neither Liverpool nor in Milan, near Seville, he knows how to please.

Besides Rama Mir front swirls Lucas Campos, who is above all on the spot when it comes to the vital goals. The recent victory goals against Villarreal (1: 0) and Atlético went into his account. The 27-year-old winger with the unusual shirt number five, by the way of his life the strangest game experienced the end goal is always traded hot on the transfer market, even Real Madrid have expressed an interest.

With the young Moroccan Youssef En-Nesyri (24), in the preseason with 18 leagues and six CL matches Best scorer of the red-white, Seville has another arrow in the quiver, but he is also injured — as well as virgin Jesus Navy's. The emotional 36-year-old left Seville 2013 towards Manchester City, which was considered a small sensation in Spain. He once returned to the Spanish U 21, because at the foreign trips with the selection, the home bravado plagued too much. Navy's overcame it, was in Manchester Master, but returned to home in 2017 — also because of the ever stronger competition — back home.

But Seville — also a starch — can also bring without Navy's routine. There would be next to Granitic, for example, the former Atalanta Captain Pap Gomez (33). Experience also brings Lechers Fernando (34) with Manchester City and Galatasaray at Seville, or the ex-Dortmund Thomas Delaney (30).

Seville also has a young jewel in his ranks. Center-back Jules Found will predict a great future, together with Diego Carlos he forms a meanwhile ditched duo. 12 goals in 17 league games do not leave any questions - the best value in La Liga.

Mather Mon chi and the challenging Lopetegui

Constructors of the heterogeneous but well-functioning Seville structure are — of course — a returnee and a sorted out. The highly prestigious sports director Mon chi left the club after 20 years in 2017 towards As Rome and returned in 2019. Coach of his trust is Jul's Lopetegui, who has met Mon chi as a very demanding coach, as he betrayed in the Europa League. After his curious farewell to the Spanish national team and his subsequent term of office at Real Madrid to the season 2018/19 he was released from the royal end of October again. Since summer 2019 he has said that in Seville.

So you like to hear hymns also listen to Seville, which the Champions League will not get this season anymore. In Salzburg, the still strongly violated Andalusian lost the decision game with 0: 1, therefore landed in third place.

But of course, not only in Seville the rumor is about, that was a bare intention. Finally, the red-whites continue to play in the Europa League. And that's really a very old lyre.


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