In our own thing: plagiarism case at former texts

An earlier Gig author has copied passages of foreign texts and used in GIG articles. What exactly happened and how we deal with it, we want to make transparent in this post.

What happened?

At the weekend we reached us via Twitter clues that a former Gig author, Sandro Krakow, passages of his texts copied from other websites. The cases were documented on Reddit (see here and here). We also tested his other contributions and unfortunately discovered more cases where individual sentences or text passages were taken literally or almost a word, including pages such as SZ.DE or loud.DE.

Passages from one of the contributions concerned were unfortunately used in a second case (also in 2018) by another author on GIG.

APA Style 7th Edition: In-Text Citations, Quotations, and Plagiarism

That's why many thanks to those who have revealed the cases and reported us.

What do we do now?

Unfortunately, since this is not a single case, we will remove all articles from Sandro Krakow from Gig. He was no longer active for Gig since the beginning of 2018, and will of course never be back in the future.

We apologize for all affected publications and authors.

In the second case, the internal copy of some text passages, we will also delete the affected contribution. The author was a trainee at that time and today worked as a working student with us, but an examination of his other contributions has not revealed any other misconceptions. We will work with him the case with him, the responsibility for texts by trainees and work students, however, contributes in principle the editorial management.

What consequences do we draw from it?

This placating case is long ago, from the persons involved (including the one responsible for the content) no one works with Gig. Nevertheless, we do not just want to go to the agenda. Because even in fast online journalism, we want to make sure that your good, authentic texts get from us that meet all journalistic standards.

The texts-internal testing system provides that every contribution is given by at least one other person, usually by the team leader or an experienced editor. Our boss from the service and I myself also read a large part of the contributions. In this process, the focus is set to formal and content accuracy. We will expand this system to score the punctual test on plagued sentences and sentence parts. Our editors comply with journalistic standards, yet we will soon be sharpening the senses again.

I regret the case very much, he annoys me immensely. Therefore, I ask all the readers as well as all those affected apologize. We give our best so that something does not happen again.


Claudio, editor-in-chief Gig


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