Hellblade 2, Star Wars, Elden Ring: The highlights of the Game Awards 2021

The Game Awards 2021 are over and thus also a night with many new trailers and details about coming games. Here are the whole Highlights of the show.

Over 30 world premieres

At night from Thursday to Friday, this year's Game Awards took place from and with Geoff Kafka. The show not only knew the best games of the year, but also enthused millions of spectators around the world with dozens of world premieres. The most important trailers and information as well as the winners of the Game Awards we have summarized for you.

Senna's saga: light blade 2

In Hell blade 2, you can expect a gloomy, depressing world in which the protagonist Senna has to face new dangers. The trailer impresses with seamless transitions between Cutscenes and Gameplay and the graph looks top class.

Evil West

Evil West combines Western with fantasy horror. You can not only conquer the evil demons with a revolver, but also with magic and flamethrower. The game 2022 should appear.

Star Wars Eclipse

The latest game of heavy-rain-maker Quantico Dream plays in the Star Wars Universe. The trailer gives you a little insight into the world of Star Wars Eclipse, its various peoples and large spaceship battles.

Alan Wake 2

The rumors agreed. A short trailer confirms the continuation of Remedy. Alan Wake 2 should appear 2023 and become a survival horror game. So much grislier as part 1.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

The Sonic film also receives a continuation. Jim Carry returns as Dr. med. Eggman back. Also, Tails and Knuckles are also part of the game. In addition to the trailer for the new film, a new Sonic game for the end of 2022 was announced: Sonic Frontiers.


Rock steady's new game gets more brutal and funny. In the trailer to Suicide Squad you can see a lot of gameplay and the release year: 2022. Until the use of different firearms, the brutal and fast fights are strongly reminiscent of the Arkham games.

The Game Awards 2021 - Easy Allies Reactions Wonder Woman

DC and Warner Bros run in full swing! In addition to the trailer to Suicide Squad, a game to Wonder Woman was announced.

Horizon Forbidden West

A new trailer for continuing the postal-pokalyptic Open World Hits shows Ally in different outfits; Many areas and new gameplay. Horizon Forbidden West is expected to appear 2022.

Slitter head

Slitter head is the latest game of Silent Hill Creator Machine Obama. The trailer gives you a little insight into his new horror vision.


The next big thing from Square Enix could be forsaken. The trailer reveals a little more to the story and shows the extensive parkour gameplay as well as the magical fighting. Foreseen is expected to appear on May 24, 2022.

Saints Row

The new trailer lets the old Saints-Row feeling emerge again. You can see a lot of wild action and overlooked humor.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

The continuation acts much bigger than the predecessor. A Plague Tale: Requiem is expected to appear 2022. Owners of the Xbox Game Pass will receive the game for free.

Halo series

Short cutouts have already been seen in front of the game awards, now the whole trailer was presented. The halo series is also expected to be 2022.

Elder Ring

The atmospheric trailer provides more context to the story and again presents the impressive fantasy world, which you are expected to travel on 25 February 2022.

Other significant mentions

Many other games were presented during the show. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre returns as a multiplayer game, Monster Hunter Rise: Sun break and Destiny 2 getting a great extension, a Hollow-Knight-like 2D adventure called Have a Nice Death appears in March 2022, a game in the Lord-of-the Rings Universe with Gollum in the main role was revealed and Among us comes for VR.

Winner of the Game Awards

Here are winners of the Game Awards 2021:

Game of the Year: It Takes Two Best Game Direction: Death Loop Best Narrative: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Best Performance: Maggie Robertson from Resident Evil 8 Best Action Adventure Game: Metro id Dread Best Role Playing Game: Tales of Arise Best Multiplayer Game: It Takes Two Best Ongoing Game: Final Fantasy 14 Online Most Anticipated Game: Elder Ring


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