Have you been naughty or kind? Santa Claus of play looks at you

This listing consists of terms utilized in video games as well as the computer game sector, as well as slang utilized by players.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Darren Krone. I play Santa Claus. You all know my older brother, Kris. He has been the naughty / nice thing for a very long time. Maybe too long, but you did not hear it from me. It really has trouble reading the addresses, and about one in three house, it must use the bathroom.

Kris is an old happy elf, but the fact is that Kris is not so good with technology. Do you know how your grandmother does not really understand all the text stuff? Kris is like that, but much worse. He went to the first new, but then he lost it. We all tried to help him, but it's hopeless. He always has an AOL e-mail address, if it tells you something. Try to tell him what is good or bad online is to explain the blockchain to a Beijing.

As for the games and, like everything that is online or digital, Kris has no idea what's bad or nice. And let's confess it, it's a big part of life and behavior, is not it? So they gave me this job: I see you too when you sleep, I know when you are awake, and I really know when you put in bag a newcomer without defense in halo or when you plant the computer of someone one in the new world. I watch.

You have never heard of me, but I have been doing it for a long time. Do you remember that year, you had an Xbox Po's refurbished instead of the PS2 you really wanted? Well, maybe you should not have hack as many Napster music. All I say is that I have a big stock of PS5 and Xbox Series X hidden behind the workshop where the elves can not fly them and resell them on eBay. And if you want to go to Santa Claus, you have to go through me. So be careful, Darren Kringle is in the house.

I have to add that when it comes to everything about me TOO, Well, I put it directly to my little sister, Amanda Kringle-Zanmiller. This thing is a bad mojo, and Mandy is a fierce dog. So, if you have done nothing good, expect a piece of charcoal and a quote to appear in your bottom. Oh, and all that happens on social networks returns to my uncle, Gordy Kringle. It was in intermittent detox cure in 2020. Many bad things have slipped. You may have noticed.

If you wonder is you were a nasty or kind player, I can help you, but it may be too late for this year. Look, as if 2 billion people play video games. I can not do everything.

If you went on a surfeit and complained about Halo, which you complained of Return or complained of Vanguard, Boo Hui, you get socks that itch for Christmas. If, however, you have uncomfortable about Battlefield 2043, Gaming Santa will give you a pass. This game is zero.

Have you played a crazy game and then asked for a Steam refund? TSK TSK, my friend, no soup for you. Have you written articles on clicks baits for Kodak? It's more of a paradise / hell thing, but here is a clue, fill up with sunscreen and blue blockers.

Have you looked up at the sky on someone who did not understand the NFTs and why they ruined the game industry? Great, Gaming Santa has a Garfield 2021 calendar with your name on it.

If you are a game developer and the description of your game includes one of the following: soulslike, roguelike, open world, card battle, box in Putin — You would also sleep very late at Christmas. Gamer Santa will look on the other side with register, and thanks Daniel for the pizza. If your game was free, but there was a silver store, well, do not be surprised when your brand new Dual sense controller begins to drift.

Have you supported your favorite Twitch player in one or more cogitative streams? Gamer Santa has something really nice for you who rhyme with ex of hex box Siri.

Video message from Santa for kids 2015 (EXAMPLE) When you do not like a game, did you take the time to write a reflected criticism on Steam, with well-argued reviews? Ha, ha liar. You did not do. It's double coal for you.

If your partner or your loved one asked you to put the joystick and, you know, pay attention to them instead of trying to become platinum on Death loop, what did you do? If the answer is uh, I have a partner? Or yeah, but I was going almost Latin, Dude, then you have bigger problems than not to receive gifts at Christmas.

Wow, gaming Santa a range. That's what happens when you spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week watching billions of players, trying to keep track of their stupid murder sequences, their diatribes of Podcast and their broken embargoes. It's a lot. And do not even launch me on VR or Brilliant Diamond Pokémon. Christmas is almost there. If you read Cog connected, you are probably ace. You have nothing to fear. Gaming Santa covered you. Unless you want an OLED switch. The North Pole has supply chain problems. For incredible videos, go to our YouTube page here. Follow us on Twitter here. Our Facebook page here. Our Instagram page here. Listen to our Podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you are a fan of cosplay, discover more of our Cosplay features here.


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