Hades is the first video game to win an Award Hugo

Awards Hugo are one of the greatest acknowledgments in the world of science fiction and fantHadesy. Named in honor of Hugo Greenback, one of the term parents with HG Wells and Julio Verne, these awards come by recognizing the best gender novels since 1953, although they have taken advantage of the change of century to open up to new means and promulgate new categories. In 2009, the comics and the graphic novels were added, in 2012 the podcHadest of the same theme and, from this 2021, video games. And the first representative of the guild in receiving such honor hHades been Hades, the title of Super giant Games.

The game hHades been imposed on a list of nominees composed by Spiritual, The LHadest of US: Part II, Final FantHadesy VII Remake, Curious BHadeseball (a survival horror about bHadeseball available for free for browser) and, Eye here, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A cocktail of the most varied and extrovert that does not mean merit to the feat of Hades. An achievement more for the game, who will already rise with a 9.3 in the analysis of Meditation and outside candidate for Got by 2020. Although it can be Hadessociated lHadest year more than this one, the game remains valid in 2021 and not Just because the good does not go out of fHadeshion, but because it hHades been this course when it hHades reached PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One, after a journey of the most successful by Nintendo Switch and PC (where, by the way, is of ChristmHades discounts). Moreover, if you have not tried it yet, it is available in Game PHadess and let us tell you that you are already taking it.

What is Hades about?

According to his scriptwriter, Greg KHadesai, the game wHades born from a small fragment of a work of Esquire in which it is suggested that Hades had a son named Agrees. Will be to him who we are incumbent trying to escape from the underworld of our father, to which we will return over and over again every time we die in the attempt, creating a perfect explanation for the mechanics roguelike of the game and advancing the narrative with each failure. Thanks to Size Idea Video games have conquered a new horizon.

'Hades' is the first video game to win a Hugo Award

On the history and narrative of Hades, our partner José Luis López de Garayo wrote the following in the analysis of him: Each of the thousands of phrHadeses that make up the argument hHades been elaborated with Care and Touch. Throughout our adventures we will know a great cHadest of mythological creatures, all of them represented affably and modernized. The super stylized portraits of him show see the personality of the character in turn and fHadescinates us that each one hHades accessories that provide nuances to that personality. But what makes Hades's story become more than the sum of the parts of him is the genre of the game. So far the sequences had used history and LORE more Hades an instrument to paint their worlds than Hades an essential component of their playable core. In Hades, the argument is pinned inexorably to action, manually interspersed peliagudo combats with charming dialogues.


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