Game industry, ESG 'environmental `performance low... I am an effort

[Eye News 24 Park Ye Jing Reporter] In the game industry, the environment (ESG) management is attracting attention to the environment (E), the approach to the environment (E) is difficult to be toxic. Due to the industrial nature, it is why it is not many areas that can reveal a performance in this sector.

Since 2025, the Financial Commission, ESG Management was a regular basis, and ESG management was not a choice, and ESG management was not a choice. ESG is used as a major indicator to evaluate corporate value as a non-limited performance indicator that deals with the core of the social responsibility (CSR) of the enterprise, such as the Environment, Social, Governance (Governance).

According to the industry on the 29th, 7 games except NC Soft and NHN (representative Jung Woo Jin) of the 9th game company this year received a D rated in the environmental sector. This is due to the ESG evaluation and grading publications of listed companies in 2021 announced by the Korea Corporate Relevance (CGS) in October.

Nine games, including Inch, NHN, including NC, NHN, were B ~ C, but all the environmental sectors received D are received in the environment.

The situation was that the game is that the game companies have been limited to the environmental improvement, and they have shown that they were risen. Game industry officials said, There was a difficult situation that the game people have not been able to find a context within the company, which is difficult to find a context within the company.

The game companies are looking for a method at the level of applying new renewable energy facilities or by employee welfare facilities in the Employee Welfare facilities. In the case of Net marble, it has a system that has renewable energy facilities such as photovoltaic fuel cells and geothermal, such as solar fuel cells and geothermal oil in March, and the rainwater is used as a wrinkled water and re-cleaning this landscape as a cleaning water. Pulse of the next year, BIS's Aachen Shins is also known to have an environmentally friendly facility.

◆ As an alternative, the effort, performance of the performance is'

On the other hand, there is a view that can be found in transparent information disclosure of the efforts and performance of the environment sector. NC and NHN, which have been evaluated in relatively environmental sector, have been analyzed that they have had a positive impact on the relevant data in the form that all relevant data were confirmed.

NC soft received the best results in the game industry by receiving B + grades in the environment by the environment. Yen was the only of the game, the only ESG comprehensive evaluation was received. Except for the environment received last year D, we received high scores with B + and A, respectively, in society and governance. In the rest of the sector, there was information that could be confirmed through existing Foundation operation, and the environmental sector is difficult to confirm.

It is a trivial effort, but it is a good score because it was a good score to disclose things that worked on energy savings internally.

Yen was the first game industry first March ESG Management Committee. In August, the Sustainability Management report on the 80th side was opened in an open source form and released the ESG management vision. In the environment, we have reduced the water or electricity of the electricity and the electricity of the electricity and replace the lighting with LEDs, and the boiler burner replaced with a cowpox burner with reduction efficiency. In 20026, Inch Global R & D In the Innovation Center, we introduced renewable energy from the design stage.

In the case of NHN, transparent information is the position that it was public. The company said, I do not have a new one, and I do not actively inform the related content, and I explained that the rating is low last year. This year, this year, I was actively cooperating with the investigation of the investigative agency (CGS) in relation to ESG management such as environment-friendly data center operations. The company has received a C grade improved from the environment in the environment.

As a result, even in the game industry, transparent information will be important, even if the environmental sector is less effort or performance in the environment. This is because the ESG evaluation itself is collected based on the disclosed items.

The Korean corporate governance rescue officer said, If the company is voluntarily published in the form of the company in the form of reports, said it is beneficial, the better the information related to publishing the ESG performance.


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