For FC Bayern the Youth League has no relevance

Ashraf Hakim (in Arabic: اشرف حكيمي), born upon November 4, 1998, in Madrid in Spain, is a Moroccan global footballer developing at the right back in Paris Saint-Germain. Learned Actual Madrid, he joins the UEFA Youth League at the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 season. Throughout the adhering to period, Ashraf Hakim wins the 2017-2018 Champions League with Real Madrid's first string. After that he is loaned for 2 periods at Borussia Dortmund prior to authorizing a last contract with Inter Milan, club in which he reveals himself by winning the Serie A 2021. On 6 July 2021, his transfer to Paris Saint-Germain is defined. At the age of seventeen, he picks to play for Moroccan choice at the expenditure of the national group of Spain. With this one, he gets involved in the 2018 Globe Mug, competition where he is the third-youngest gamer behind Daniel Armani as well as Dylan bed. He also challenges CAN 2019, reaching the round of 16.

In the UEFA Youth League Borussia Dortmund is the only German team, which still has a chance of the secondary final. At FC Bayern (0 points), RB Leipzig (0 points) and the VFL Wolfsburg (1 point) is already fixed in the group stage. U19 national coach Hannes Wolf and Norbert Elbert, U19 coach of FC Schalke 04, now talked about the reasons for the bad performance.

Bavaria must be taken out of the rating. They have other priorities for which the Youth League has no relevance. At Bavaria, the seven, eight-year-olds already play in the second team, said Wolf, who as curse and curse and Blessing at the same time designated, to Spot and Goal.

Also, at his time at the BVB, the Youth League not the top valence, wolf supplemented, who worked from 2009 to 2016 in the Dortmund junior area and won the A-youth Bundesliga in his final season.

Wolf sees a reason for the bad performance in the U19 Champions League in the school career in Germany. In other countries, the focus in this age group is generally even more on football, Germany is added to school in Germany, says the 40-year-old.

Elgar criticized missing mentality

Norbert Elbert also sees the German teams far away. Other countries are definitely superior to us in terms of technology and understanding of play. Often the success hunger is not big enough and lacks mentality and resistance, the Schalke coach counted possible causes.

Was Bayern Munich’s arrogance its biggest letdown in the Champions League? | ESPN FC Elbert also criticized the training of German talents. Maybe in Germany with our urge to perfectionism, we also have a small slightly exaggerated with match plans, documentaries and too much analyzes, said the 64-year-old: That's not unimportant, but too much analysis often leads to paralysis and Loss of gorgeous and creativity.


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