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If it goes to Simon Verboten, director of the Amazon documentation published in November FC Bayern — Behind The Legend, midfielder Leon Goretzka is quite the potential to act not only in the square, but also in front of the camera.

He's a good-looking contemporary, said Verboten in the new episodes of Bavaria podcast. Gretzky is therefore suitable as a performer for different genres, but would be certainly in a romantic Movie a good hero.

Gretzky, who was a guest in the podcast like Verboten, answered, I'm glad he did not call any horror movie now. With the role attributed to him by Verboten he could live well.

The first 6 minutes of the Amazon documentary The 26-year-old also believes that the Roku series over the German record champion overall the fulfillment of what they should fulfill. Namely, an insight for the fans, which did not exist before, Gretzky explained.

This view shared director Verboten. This is what a documentation is, if you really manage to be close to it. There are many docs that do so as if you have the proximity. But I believe in our Roku you can honestly say that we really had you Gretzky saw Bavaria stars at Roku in the duty

The fact that both the six-part series, which has been seen since November on the streaming platform Amazon Prime, was able to book as a success, according to Gretzky also at the participation of the Bavaria Stars.

If you agree to make such a documentary, all have to work on it, so it will be fine in the end. Otherwise, we do not need to operate the effort. Since I have seen ourselves as a player in the duty, the barriers fall let. The end result can be seen, says Gretzky.

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