Cute pension for him : Trainer Idol Souess criticized Rangnick

Ralf Rang nick has had to accept heavy criticism before his first game as an interim trainer of Manchester United. The former Liverpool coach Game SOURNESS can not understand the obligation of Rang nicks.

Ole's Successor at Man Utd | Permanent boss after Ralf Rangnick?

I do not understand this appointment at any level. If you think about five or ten years and the structures he could introduce, okay, said Souses at Talk sport and gave ways: It's six months, and then he will take a nice adviser role. A nice pension for him, at 63 years, it's a nice work if you can get it.

Man united had confirmed on Monday that Rang nick becomes the end of the Interim Trainer. The long-standing Leipzig-maker enters the successor of Michael Garrick, who had taken over after the separation of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer transition. Then Rang nick will work as a consultant for the Red Devils.

SOURNESS 'criticism aimed above all in the direction of the person responsible. This is the third interim trainer, since Fertile (Sir Alex Ferguson, ANM. D. Red.) Is gone. I do not understand that, the score realized.

Rang nick's resume is not that one would say: 'WoW'. He does not jump in mind. He has not been exceptionally successful. I think he won a trophy. That's not what you need man united right now. You need someone who can do something immediately, supplemented SOURNESS.

So you buy one! Rang nicks transfers in the check

Rang nick to Manchester United: Trainer Legends skeptical

United, in his opinion, has an intact team. Solskjaer just did not manage to get the most out of the team. SOURNESS expressed doubts if it makes rang nick better. Will this new man who never played in the Premier League have been able to achieve that? The 68-year-old asked — and did not give the answer right away, I do not think so.

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Even before the appointment Rang nicks to the United Interim Trainer, coach legend Harry Knapp had expressed criticism. I've never heard such stupid in my life, no matter how to look at it, Knapp wrote in his column for the sun about the United planning. The fact that United in Ralf Rang nick calls an interim trainer to replace the interim trainer before you get the man you really want is ridiculous, added the 74-year-old, who in his career Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United trained.


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