Battlefield 2042 brings new Christmas

Since today, December 2, the big update 3 battlefield 2042 is available. This probably accidentally brought new skins into the game. But some players are now furious because of these new cosmetics. Why that is, you will learn here on Mango.

What are that for skins? The criticism turns mostly around the Father Winter Skin for the specialist Boris. With this skin, he wears a Christmas coat, like Santa Claus.

Fans have already baptized this skin jokingly Santa Boris, but little benevolent. Even the skin Great Outdoors for Mackay stands out because he looks like a kind of cowboy.

The skins were probably only in the game, because they were quickly removed. They probably belong to the pre-season, which officially has no date yet, but is called in the skin description. Nevertheless, fans could already make screenshots. (via Reddit)

Just Santa Boris gets a lot of criticism from the fans and makes this literally angry. But why?

Players feel reminiscent at Fortnite, skins do not fit to Battlefield

What is the problem with these skins? Straight Santa Boris is properly torn by the players. In the sub -geddit to Battlefield 2042, there are already several shocked voices for this skin.

The critics say that these skins do not fit into a battlefield at all and could find their home in other games. This is how one writes from Fortnite 2042 (via Reddit), some held Santa Boris even first for a meme.

For many, the skin is a bad joke and many feel confirmed in the assumption that the specialists are only in the game to make money with Cosmetics.

It is not exactly clear how the pre-season expires and whether you have to buy the Battle Pass to unlock these skins.

Either way, the new skins currently do not get well with numerous players, especially with regard to the technical condition of the game. The big update 3 could not fix all problems and even brought new ones.

Many fans mean, one should first take care of the mistakes and stability of the game to install as new skins (via Reddit).

Update 3 is the biggest patch so far, brings weekly missions

This awaits you with Update 3: The patch revises some areas of the game and also brings innovations.

There are bug fixes and gameplay changes The update offers Quality of Life improvements to facilitate the gaming experience. The UI is adjusted. On the portal mode is also turned again, because it has massive problems.

One of the biggest innovations are the weekly missions. During the week after the update, these weekly missions are unlocked. You then get 3 pieces each week — and every degree brings you XP. If you all pack them, you get a special cosmetic at the end.

These missions may already be part of the lactic pre-season. But there is no confirmation yet.

What do you think about these new skins? Are you true of the critics? Or can you half so wild?

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