WWE 2K22 reveals new features and modes

Today 2K and Visual Concepts opened a little the curtain in the as expected We 2k22, revealing our first look at real gameplay, as well as what features and modes are returning and which are completely new. WWE 2K22 revealed these new and recurring features on WWE 2Ks list of successes, and there is a lot to get excited. WWE 2K22 will have the return of favorites such as WWE 2K Showcase, Universe Mode and Creation Suite, but it will also include several new modes, including My GM, My Rise and Faction, and you can see all the features. And modes and its complete details in the summary below.

Faction is a franchise that allows players to assemble their own faction and manage it and improve it as they progress in weekly events. My rise, on the other hand, is a reworked career mode that allows you to start from a rookie and rise up. MGM brings a frequently requested mode that will allow you to manage brands, superstars and more from the ground level.

You can consult the complete list of results below.

• Redesigned gaming engine: the most important change in WWE 2K22 is in the same engine. Visual Concepts redesigned the game engine and animation from scratch to make each immersion, kick and finisher feel as real as if players were sitting in front of WrestleMania. As soon as players take control, they will feel the difference;

• New controls: The updated and incredibly intuitive control scheme has a different impact this year. Configured to ensure that players have more control over each movement, in each situation, WWE 2K22 is easy to learn and play, at the same time that it allows a high ability expression;

• Awesome graphics: In short, WWE 2K22 has the best graphics of WWE 2K franchise. The scanning and animations are executed using the same leading process in the industry that the NBA 2K franchise of Visual Concepts and the team reviewed the lighting and turned back on the game from scratch;

WWE 2K22 Hit List reveals new game features

• Envelope presentation: The most dynamic entry in the series to date will take players from the crowd and take them to the ring, creating an authentic feeling of the WWE throughout the game;

• New WWE 2K showcase: players can walk along the path of memories and relive the most emblematic moments and matches of a legendary WWE superstar;

• MGM: Players will select superstars, they will reserve matches, manage contracts and demonstrate that they have what is necessary to direct the most successful brand in sports entertainment;

• Faction: In a franchise, the new Faction puts players in construction of the construction of a legendary faction that rivals the iconic TWO. Players will collect, manage and improve superstars, with weekly events and periodic updates;

• Rise: An opportunity for players to experience the trip of a WWE superstar from the humble beginnings of a rookie, followed by the fanfare as superstar and then immortalized as legend. There will be new stories available for male and female MPlayer;

• Universe mode: Return the Universe mode, which offers players more control than ever on brands, PPV, the results of the parties, rivalries and much more;

• Creation Suite: The Creation Suite is back and better than ever. Players can be themselves or someone / something completely different, with all kinds of wild options and fantasy elements, and then climb the ring at any time and anywhere in the world.

WWE 2K22 is scheduled to launch itself in March 2022, and the game is expected to reach next-generation consoles and many other platforms.

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