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A new update is now available on November 9, for Amongst Us, and it is one of the biggest updates that the game has ever seen. Amongst us exploded last year after an incredibly quiet first published on stage and since then has only won more popularity. The game has received a brand-new Airship card and a Nintendo Switch port and Xbox consoles appear later this year on PlayStation and. However, a new update was released before the launch of PS4 and Xbox, which adds to the game several new roles and a new advancement system. Everything is new in the update of November 9 for Amongst Us.

Between you update patch notes of 9 November

This update is being made available for PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It is currently unknown whether the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Amongst Us will be published with this update is available.

New Roles

A whole new level of gameplay is there. These 4 brand-new wheels give the mechanisms of social deduction that you know and love, a lot of complexity and new gameplay! For more information in the lobby settings, but here s a quick rundown:

crew members roles

Scientists: Access anytime on vital signs to. And get things done, to charge your battery. Engineer: Can use the air vents. Angels Throws a protective shield around the remaining crew members.

fraudsters role

Shape-shifter: Disguise yourself by turning into another crew member.

And like most of our game settings these roles are fully customizable! Add or remove what you want, change the probability and even change individual skills


You: Want more cosmetics, collaborations with other games and progress.

We Will all give more needs to survive and pay for server costs and make more cool stuff.

Cosmic Cubes are a new way for you, exclusive cosmetics to preserve and present your equipment! Space Bean Drip, as they say.

This includes:

Brand-new customization options — both free and fee. Visor cosmetics and special name tags make it even more fun to change your look, plus additional pets, hats and skins. Cosmic Cubes and unlockable cosmetics. About our new branched Cosmic system thematic objects can now be unlocked even more! Play the game, collect resources and reap the fruits of your murder — her, I mean, tasks. Cosmic Cubes are a special feature for Amongst Us! There will be both paid and free versions and have more premium sets with thematic objects.

All cosmetics are purely visual and does not affect the gameplay or the gameplay options. You may have noticed that the game on mobile devices without advertising is free (we are working the advertisements of a better and safer experience to do), and you know that the PC and switch version costs $4.99. To keep the game going to keep the servers running, and all the more free cosmetic options to offer, we look forward to the Cosmic update! And if someone would like to support us, then there are also the paid cosmetic option.

If you have purchased DLC cosmetics in the Steam store or on the phone, do not worry — they are transmitted. You should get a pop-up in the game that shows you how to connect your cosmetics with your account. Den ken you bonnet. mind that you do this only once

How exactly does it work?

There are different types of resources that you can collect and each does something special:

Cosmic Boxes : Special cosmetic cubes with thematic objects that you unlock over a branched path. These items are usually more special or more detailed. Various Comminutes are bought with beans or stars, but their content can only be unlocked by earning pods in the game. Beans : Resource, which is awarded by normal online gameplay! Use it to redeem cosmetics and some comminutes in the store. Free and very bean-shaped. Stars : This is our premium currency resource that has been purchased with cold cash. You can buy them in the game and buy special items and some Comminutes. Pods : Collected by the gameplay if and only if you have a COSMIC activated. Each Cosmic has a different POD type associated with its content, and pods can not be transferred between Comminutes. XP : Experience based on the playing time — is used only for character leveling, which offers multiplier bonuses for beans and pods that you deserve when you reach a new level.

Currency can be saved at any time for later, and we will constantly publish new items if we will receive further updates and partnerships in the future.

Account link, successes and more

New items and EP mean that you can summarize your account amongst us and associate with different platforms! For most platforms, you can log in, link and save your progress and cosmetics.

Please read the instructions in the game very carefully to ensure that you do not overwrite the wrong account!

Exception: Stars purchased on Nintendo Switch ™ can only be used on this system. In the future, Pods & Beans, which were earned on switch, can be shared on most systems. It is currently not available with this update, but we are working on it!

There are also some controller changes in this update.

The bleed operation is no longer connected to the main action key. To bleed V, press the controllers on the keypad or the right shoulder button. Sabotage is no longer connected to the main action key. To access the sabotage card, IMPOSTORS can easily open your card by using the tab key on keyboards or the left trigger on controllers. If you have a special role, the action will be called for this role via the F button on keyboards or right triggers on controllers. This includes the ventilation capability of the engineer.

Successes will be available on platforms you have! You have to know the following:

Statistics that affect your achievements will remain on all linked platforms (essentially your statistics are linked to your player ID). You must do the actual action that would unlock this success to trigger it on another platform. Example of a fake performance for explaining: If you have received a 50-card swipe success on Steam and this is to be released under IOS, you must re-run the Card Swipe task in iOS once again to get the success.

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What can you look forward to next? Amongst us for Xbox and PlayStation will be released on December 14th, so you can expect a whole new crew that connects us in space! In between, even more announcements could be...

We have many things we want to add to the game, like the next card, more roles and other gameplay features. But now first of the moment!

Under us is now available for PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The game will appear on December 14 for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


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