Tree of Savior - the spiritual successor of Ragnarok online today got a new class

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Is Tree of Savior the Spiritual Successor to Ragnarok Online?

Ecuador s thunderous applause, who with today s update officially enters Tree of Savior. This new character — who is a subclass swordsman — a warrior enjoying strength... his own fists. However, this is not a typical DPS, only support that stuns enemies and imposes various debris on them. > Ecuador is welcome by allies. His style of Battle of Luchadora consists in hitting or grabbing enemies directly with bare hands. > > Ecuador may disrupt the behavior of the enemy skills that affect the monitoring of behavior, and a certain skill may cause stunning or straining enemy with resistance according to the attribute. The official trailer of the new class: Ecuador is one of ~ 90 available classes / specialization in the game. What s like what, but the Tree of Savior is Luchador lead, when it comes to the amount of playable characters. Everyone will find something for themselves. You play here.


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