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10 years. Actually, if the government organizational reorganization is done in the next government, it is. Buddha reorganization is a constant. In the meantime, it is inevitable to see the candidate and campaign. Moon Jae-won has been launched without the number of acceptance. It is a background that has been launched without the reorganization of the conventional government even though the left and right regimes have changed. At that time, there is no discussion of reorganization. The 4th Army industry revolution and C-P-N-D (content-platform-network-device) were a picture. The industry wanted to integrate C-P-N-D functionality distributed by the Ministry of Future Creative Science, Broadcasting Communications Commission, Industrial Normal Resources, Ministry of Culture Sports Tourism, Administrative Authority, and Privacy Committee. The horizontal regulatory system introduced was also an atmosphere. It is the 4th Industrial Revolution era. Five years later, the paradigm of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the 4th Industrial Revolution, and the 19th fan Dem am, has summoned Digital Dental Agency with a firm. This time, we will take a look at the presidential camp and the reorganism around each department.

Department of Industrial Normal Resources. It is an administrative department that is responsible for industry and trade, trade, and energy and resource policies. It can be seen that it is a huge organization from the name. As the fields are wide, there is no depreciation that there is no business area or interesting relationship.

It is not free on the sesame of the relevant department even at normal. If there is a presidential election or when the new government has entered, the first to the reform (?) Target. Which sector is removed from any department, and the discussion that does not have to join where the other sector should be combined with the industrial part. There is no wind.

The Ministry of Industry is traditionally traded and normalized. The medium is installed in November 1948. The power of the power, underground subsidiary and thermal management sectors in the 1977 was created by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

In 1993, we reorganized the Department of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce and Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In 1996, we changed the name of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, Korea. At this time, I passed the Foreign Department at that time, and the Foreign Department changed the name of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When the Lee Myung-bak s government, the Information Technology (IT) Industrial Policy and Friendship Business Headquarters, and the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Ministry of Information and Communications,

As Park Geun-hye s government, I returned to the IT Industrial Policy and Friendship Business Headquarters received from the Ministry of Orthodox, and received the Normal Division in the Ministry of Foreign Creative and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

On March 9, next year, the tissue reorganization story surrounding the Industrial Department is silent. In addition to Lee Jae-won, President Democratic Candidate Camp has suggested a review of organizational reorganization such as the Ministry of Employment Labor, Fair Trade Commission, Ministry of Labor, and Ministry of Labor, Fair Trade Commission, Ministry of Language and Ministry of Industrial Labor, Fair Trade Commission, Ministry of Language and Environment,

The Minute Candidate Camp refers to organizations such as the Ministry of Employment, Ministry of Education, Industry, SME, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Industry, SMEs, Ministry of SMEs, Ministry of Science and Technology, and Ministry of Information and Welfare. Buddha is also common to the government organizational discipline of two camps. In the course of the candidate, more innovative claims came. The definition is more aggressive in the establishment of climate energy.

Currently, the Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Industrial and Corporation, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment, and the climate and atmosphere of the Ministry of Environment are being stirred around the camp around this camp. It is also a context that the normal division should be returned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is a logical that a new control tower is needed to flexibly ride the waves of the global climate crisis and carbon neutrality. On the other hand, the claim that can be sufficiently caught by activating the coordination function by introducing a direct total amount or the mobility system while maintaining the existing directory.

A prominent claim during the reorganization of the organizational discipline in the opposition is the integration of the SME Ben and the Industrial Department. Integration of the SME venture department in Moon Jae-won s accreditation is being read as a meaning of recovery of the original state.

There is also a claim that when the Normal function of the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Communications Department shall not be moved to the end of the core function of the Industrial Ministry. Lee Myung-bak is the Ministry of Knowledge Economy Model.

■ Will the climate energy new?

Anyway, it is a climate energy new edge. The sources are also long. The end of 2009 The Basic Law Low Carbon Green Growth is the National Assembly and is implemented as April 2010. It is the claim that there must be a tissue that dedicated climate change energy. At that time, it was about the toughness of the climate change in the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment.

When the Moon Jae-in government has been launched in 2017, the New Climate Energy New Year was a picture. Moon Jae-in, the president of the Climate Energy, was committed as a commitment of the climate energy, but it was construed as a context of strengthening the existing system and is in the form of strength to the Ministry of Environment.

It is due to define policy to minimize government organizational reorganization at the beginning of the Moon Jae-in government, which was launched without the acquisition. Instead, the Small and Medium Business Administration was promoted to a small and medium-sized business part and divided with the Ministry of Land, Transport and the Ministry of Land Transport and Micro Dust Measures.

At that time, the Ministry of Industry is aimed at climate energy, and the energy business fell off, causing the crisis of crisis because the Middle Agency, which was in the mid- and midsections, was independent of the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Normal.

The construction of the Climate Energy Department was absolute, and the industry has maintained its current appearance without being amorphous and normal work was not to be transferred.

However, Korean-style New Deals, who had a Digital New Deal and Green New Deal, have gained propulsion and overcome climate crisis, and the other situation was in another situation. 2050 Because carbon neutrality emerges with a globalized picture, our government has suggested active response. The Climate Energy Department reminded me again.

In addition, the Democratic Party Candidate and Definition Citizenship Candidate is a background that competes against climate crisis, including the new, and the establishment of the climate energy.

Lee Vietnam s candidate declared that it would be a Control Tower of Energy Times, including the construction and maintenance of the Energy Expressway, including the Energy Expressway construction and maintenance, and tied a task in various departments such as the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Environment. In a situation where energy-related work is distributed, it is because it is because it is because it can not spread the integrated policy to the carbon agent by 2050.

Candidates for the Definitions Candidates were further submitted to climate change responsibilities of climate change, which have been bold than carbon neutrality. It is achieved that the carbon emissions are reduced by 50% by 50%, including the establishment of climate energy department, and increase the amount of renewable energy to 50%.

During the last month, the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Environment, In addition to the Industrial Normal Resource Sum Scientist Company Committee, the Democratic Party Kim Kyung-eun, the Democratic Party, said, Carbon neutrality is a new international order that is unavoidable, and to fulfill this country s agenda, I have asked the Administration of the Industrial Department for the new gravity of the Climate Energy.

The Minister of Industry and Industry Ministers said, In order to organize new agenda, such as carbon-neutral, the industry and energy are being efforts to develop mutual benefits, but nothing we have not reviewed.

The Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Environment, said the Ministry of Environment, said, The Ministry of Environment, said, The Candidate of Lee Pre-noting, the Ministry of Environment, said, He said, I agree with a minister, he said.

A minister said, The government needs to be a little flexible to do a little flexibly to do something, he said, It is necessary to worry more deeply in the climate energy or other manner.

■ Terminating Total Total Total Adjustment

For the new establishment of the climate energy, there is still a strong position. Original government organizational reorganization should see the entire blueprint, and have to see organic relations and functions, yet not revealing the reorganization in the presidential candidate camp.

Professor S at the University, said, The government organizational reorganization is not meaningless to change only a number of departments or to be able to confront a few large depreciation, In fact, it is comprehensive, I have to design a direct.

Professor A also emphasized that recently, the government tissue reorganization, which has taken off the Buddha in the form of renaming in the academia, said Professor A. In the past, Park Geun-hye has also changed the Ministry of Public Administration and Security as a safety government, and it was said that it has changed its safety rather than a certificate, but it has changed the name,

This professor says, I tried to differentiate the signature Buddha on a new government, and it was a representative government, and the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Park Geun-hye s Government Science and Park Geun-hye.

Recently, the most desired president of the president is the economy. The focus is aligned with the activation of the economic activation, and the Industrial Department always stands at the center and the Lego block is called. It is a background that sounds the Beach of Buddha.

Professor H DAE C said, The presidential candidates are different from the past, but they will take a lot of time until the collateral of the municipal,

Professor C said, The Ministry of Environment must have a minimal development in the position of protecting the environment, but the Industrial Department has the purpose of each other, such as the Ministry of Environment to do the best of the industrial promotion, I have not been able to do not have a weapon of a budget or a directing budget that moves civil servants.

Professor, Professor, said, It is a municipality of the merchant, he said, I am a merchant who thought together with a vice president nowadays, he said, I am now managing the gardens such as Buddhist temples and the gardens in the liaison, I explained that it was.

Professor S, If a recent issue occurs, such as recent Japanese export regulations, it is necessary to make a discretion that allows you to make a systematically respondable department, not a temporary organization of TF format, he said.


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