The number of passenger cars can be purchased up to 10L... reselling

The Ministry of Industry and Normal Resources and Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Environment,

This action, which has been conducted by the end of this year, has been established in accordance with the export procedure reinforcement of China, and the number of elements in Korea and the number of elements required in the shortage of demand, and manage the distribution process.

Watch This Before Buying a Hybrid Car Element imports ‧ Sellers should identify the status of the elements and import the elements and import and use the imported elements to be distributed immediately.

The number of enemies is producing, imported, and sellers, the sale of production, imports, shipments, sales, sales, and inventory, etc., should be reported on the automotive exhaust gas comprehensive computing system every day.

The number of urea sales is limited to gas station. Extraordinary number of elements for vehicles. It is allowed to allow the vendor to pass directly to a certain consumer (construction site, large transporter, etc.) without selling a deal.

Limit the amount of urea, which can be purchased per car. Passenger cars can be purchased up to 10L, and cargo, vans, construction machinery, and farm machinery, and so on can be purchased up to 30L.

The buyer can not resell the number of vehicles that purchased by the third party.

The Industrial Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Industrial and Engineering, the Industrial Department and the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Environment, and cooperate with closely information on the receptionist, to identify the bottlenecks, and actively enforce the necessary measures, ‧ · elements can now be imported components production and dealers to adjust the command issued to specify the supply quantity and the target, he explained.

Kim Incorporation The Ministry of Environment Climate Carbon Policy Market said, This will do our best to make the elements and enemies in the market so that the emergency benefit is made to be seamlessly distributed in the market. I will try to promote it, such as a daily guide to a daily, e-mail, so that it does not have a unique case.


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