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At a glance into the Steam Top seller and their new releases, a fight reveals itself between two unequal counterparties. The Triple A heavyweight Battlefield 2042 can not prevail in terms of player numbers against the surprise opponent Agricultural Simulator 22. Let's take a look at this in detail.

Steam player numbers: Agricultural simulator 22 wins domestic

On November 19, 2021, Battlefield 2042 on the consoles and PC Via Steam and Origin saw the light of day. Shortly thereafter, on November 22, the Agricultural Simulator 22 rose to the consoles and PC via Steam and Epic Games also in the ring.

While Battlefield 2042 has been fighting for release with a lot of criticism and more than maiden rating, the LAW 22 puts a pretty good start. The reviews on Steam draw the work simulation as very positive.

If you look at the highest levels of game numbers on Steam, Battlefield on November 19th was a whole 105,397 players to gather, whereas the LAW 22 the EA shooter on 22 November with a high of 105.636 Could beat simultaneous players.

But not only in the absolute highs, the popular simulator defeats the shooter for a touch, compared to the 24-hour high levels will the victory much more clearly: where the LAW 22 is scarce 100,000 players around herself Can, Battlefield 2042 just creates almost half of players — namely around 52,000 — to attract. (Source: Steam DB)

ICR Will our highlights want to know the multiplayer shooter? Then look into our just summarized video to Battlefield 2042:

Sales figures: Battlefield 2024 occupies second place

I tried Steam Deck early and it's AWESOME!

When it comes to success on Steam, the simulator of Giants software is the big winners. Not only in player numbers, the game can surpass the multiplayer shooter, even in the Top seller list, this success is reflected, as Steam DB announces on Twitter:

The Agricultural Simulator 22 seems to convince all the line. If you want to learn the verdict of our simulator expert, you should look in our test for the LAW 22 :


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