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Hardly a few hours old, the square under the simulators can secure two coveted places of the Steam Top seller. Not only does the agricultural simulator 22 with release immediately in the first place of the charts, but takes place right behind it with a coveted bundle on the podium.

Phenomenal Steam Start

Almost every year again, the most popular simulation welcomes the fans with a new offshoot. For some time now, the Agricultural Simulator 22 buzzes under the Topsellern of the Game Platform Steam — he was already sought after the pre-orders.

But with the release on November 22nd, the cozy simulator can still be a huge spoon on top and gets bluish immediately the first place of Steam charts (Source: Steam Top seller).

But not only the basic game lands on the coveted podium of the PC games, but also the Year 1 bundle follows on the foot and occupies second place. This includes additional packs, an extra card and machinery.

Farming Simulator 22 - Store Menu Introduction!

You want to secure the work simulation right away, but rather in physical version? Then you should check out the Agricultural Simulator 22 right on Amazon:

Agriculture Simulator 22 at Amazon

Agricultural Simulator 22 suggests

Popular in the German community popular, agricultural fun as an exception in the genre also plows the top in the international top sellers of Steam. Again, he is home too gold and silver (Source: Worlds Steam Top seller).

The game relies on its well-known strengths, but adds fresh elements with the new decoupling. Now players changing seasons can enjoy and experience real variety with new machine categories and crops.

Also in terms of freedoms, the LOS 22 should offer more than they are used to fans of the predecessors. If you do not have a picture of the game yet, you should look in the Launch Trailer of the Agricultural Simulator 22 :

What are the reviews for the game? On Steam, the simulator has just tender 49 reviews (at the time of our reporting) and it commutes with a balanced rating.

Some criticize the average graphics, which should hardly show the predecessor until no improvement and missing machines that were still present in the LAW 19. The driving physics and the general technical standard are also criticized.

But fans also express themselves positively about the innovations and do not even bother the longer development time. The fleet and the sounds are also praised.

ICR takes even more promising simulators? May I help you:

However, since the number of reviews is still very sparse, it should be waited for a better overall picture of the evaluation. With us in the editorial staff is also just extensively tested so that we can also provide you with a proper review soon. Keep your eyes open!


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