Sandhausens Testroet: A ball contact and in it he is

Sandhausen celebrated a 1-0 success at Dynamo Dresden and climbed to ranked 15. The former Dresdner (2015-18) Pascal TestRet s former Dresdner (2015-18). The 31-year-old scored the crucial gate with a lot of willpower and strong technology. Testroet also caused restlessness in the dynamo rear team with his presence again and again.

Third victory in the stranger

The development of the SVS under the old and new coach Alois Schwartz is remarkably remarkable: Sandhausen remained unbeaten for the third time in a row, already celebrated the third away win. Throughout the preseason, the SVS brought three points in strange stadiums. For Schwartz, who initiated the succession of Gerhard Klepinger in September, it was already the second victory in the fifth game.

Without the injured Arne Sicker, Sandhausen lost against the 2: 2 against Bremen at offensive. Instead, however, the Sturmduo Testtroet / Alexander Esswein proved, both 31 years old, how valuable experience can be. The North Baden were mercilessly effective. His goal of the day called TestRoet as typical of him: A ball contact and in it he is.

Dynamo Dresden vs SV Sandhausen 0-1 Highlights ● All Goals ● 30 October 2021

Schwartz meanwhile, less passivity would have been desired in the second half. After the false start with four points from seven games, but eight meters from the most recent five games are almost a luxury problem.

Now the SVS travels to the millennor

Next Sunday, Schwartz protégés are re-used again. And the hurdle could not be higher: it goes to the leaders FC St. Pauli, who so far won all his six home games, at a goal ratio of 19: 3.


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