Rocket launch shim NEXT SPACE REBELS delivery starts to expand the story including live-action video!

Humble Games has started delivery of rocket design simulation game NEXT SPACE REBELS to work on Studio Flores Kayak.

This work is a work that challenges rocket design, construction and launch. However, it is not only to launch the rocket, but also aims to participate in the mysterious group NEXT SPACE REBELS that lists the vision of the universe, and the story that grows from rocket enthusiast to a skilled space activist It is.

Any newcomer rocket researcher can make the most of the imagination, a powerful and easy-to-use rocket creation tool.

Complete the challenge and get new parts & collect. Become a rocket researcher who launches advanced satellites from amateur rocket engineers.

Expand your own STATUE channel. Share the works recorded in the game and grow the channel! Export and actually share.

Next Space Rebels - Official Launch Trailer | Humble Games

Complete Live Cut Scene. Meet people on the super-minded net played by various casts, and will be a member of Neck Space Rebel!

A free play mode that can be created by a dream rocket that is packed with disorderly ideal!

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NEXT SPACE REBELS is being delivered for Steam / Microsoft Store. The delivery of the Nintendo switch is also planned.


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