Pokémon BD and SP had the second largest launch of switch in Japan

The 25th anniversary of Pokémon (in Japanese: ポケモ 25 周年), formally called Pokémon 25, is a continual event throughout the year 2021 in celebration of the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary of the Pokémon franchise business, which started with the initial launch of Pocket Monsters: Red and also green in Japan, for Game Kid on February 27, 1996. The franchise business is celebrated through various media, including video games, anime, manga, playthings, garments, music and events. The wedding anniversary saw the advertisements of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and also Shining Pearl, which will be introduced on November 19, 2021, and also Pokémon Legends: Areas, which will certainly be launched on January 28, 2022. They are remakes and an innovator, respectively, of the Gaming of 2006 Pokémon Diamond and Pearl in Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl arrived at the market last week and, as expected, these remakes are a success in sales. According to Fujitsu, in just three days in the market, these titles have already exceeded the mark of 1.3 million units only in Japan.

As the Japanese medium, physical sales, which take into account the separate versions, the double package and digital download cards, Pokemon brilliant diamond and shining pearl managed to sell 1,395,642 copies in this region. It is so that the work of Inca is positioned as the second-largest launch of the switch in this country, only behind animal crossing: New Horizons.

As if that were not enough, Sales of the Nintendo Switch have overcome 22 million units, this thanks to the three models that are currently available in this market. Without a doubt, a great week for great N. Then you can see Software and Hardware sales in Japan between November 15 and 21.


— [NSW] Pokémon BRILLIANT DIAMOND / Shining Pearl — 1,395,642 (new)

— [NSW] Mario Party Superstars — 39,797 (329,497)

— [PS4] BATTLEFIELD 2042 — 25,268 (new)

— [NSW] shin mega mi tense v — 22,513 (165,760)

— [PS5] BATTLEFIELD 2042 — 21,637 (new)

— [NSW] RING FIT Adventure — 11,822 (2,920,975)

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

— [NSW] ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS — 11,149 (6,945,689)

— [NSW] Minecraft — 10.084 (2,279,676)

— [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe — 9,890 (4,142,150)

— [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — 8,621 (4,506,739)


—Switch OLED Model — 68,796 (377,001)

—Switch — 60,512 (17,454,460)

—Switch Lite — 38,470 (4,195,309)

—PlayStation 5 – 4,134 (988,400)

—Xbox Series X — 2,203 (69,919)

—Xbox Series S — 1,219 (52,218)

—New 2ds ll (including 2DS) — 365 (1,177,353)

—PlayStation 4 – 188 (7,818,813)

—PlayStation 5 Digital Edition — 173 (188,845)


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