No Batman, not a problem: Detective Comics February 2022 concerns highlight Gotham s various other heroes

Thomas Elliot or Hush is a fictional character produced by Jeff Lobe as well as Jim Lee in Batman No. 609 in 2002. He is called silence (in French).

Batman may be leaving Gotham City, yet his (former) major title Detective Comics isn t reducing from the looks of its February 2022 concerns. Detective Comics, which will begin shipping weekly in late December, is diving right into a three-month long Darkness of the Bat occasion that adheres to the continuing to be Bat-Family with their first genuine obstacle post-Batman — the opening the ruined Arkham Asylum leaves in Gotham, as well as the effort to change it (the Arkham Tower) that finishes up going badly wrong.

Detective Comics series author Mario Tamara continues on the title in February 2022, writing the major tale in Detective Comics 1051 through 1054, signed up with by musician Max Ray nor on all 4 weekly problems. They will dig much deeper into the enigma surrounding Arkham Tower, and the harsh as well as conniving experimenter Dr. Use that is using it as means for his own ends.

And while Batman isn t in Detective Comics primary tale, his darkness impends onto the backup serial story Home of Gotham by author Matthew Rosenberg and Fernando Blanco, which proceeds in all four of the series February 2022 concerns.

Batman: Detective Comics (issue 1044, 2021)

The serial, which is established to start in January 4, 2022 s Detective Comics 1047, complies with the impact Batman and also Arkham Asylum have carried the city — particularly on one young kid that was saved from the Joker by Batman early in his life — but brings injury with him that leads him to be institutionalized at Arkham Asylum.

As much as covers go, February 2022 s Detective Comics will certainly all include a primary cover by Irvin Rodriguez, a variant cover by Lee Termed, as well as a hard-to-find variant cover by Jorge Forces only readily available in a 1:25 ratio (for every 25 copies of the issue a seller buys, they can acquire one copy of Forces alternative cover).

Here s a take a look at all of Irvin Rodriguez s covers for Detective Comics 1051 — 1054:

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Detective Comics 1051 — 1054 covers

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Below s the February 2022 timetable for every 40-page concern of Detective Comics featuring the two serialized stories:

February 1, 2022: Detective Comics 1051. February 8, 2022: Detective Comics 1052.

February 15, 2022: Detective Comics 1053. February 22, 2022: Detective Comics 1054.



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