New World: Player kills over 1,000 wild boars to prove that happiness works

That Innew World is not quite correct and the system will not work perfectly, is unfortunately known. A reddit user has now dealt with the value of luck. To prove that happiness works, more than 1,000 wild boars had to die.

What is the issue? Amazon himself does not explain exactly how luck in the MMORPG works. It is a value given in percent and which you can have on your equipment.

How exactly these percentages work, but has not been completely clear. The players were unstoppable whether one percentage point 100 or 1,000 points on the happier you need it.

The happiness system itself works similar to in Dungeons & Dragons. So if you look something, a dice is thrown that has 100,000 corners. The result is then multiplied by your happiness and then happens to luck with which you ultimately look.

Legendary or rare items have a minimal happier they need to drop. Legendary leather from wild boar, for example, requires 101.150 luck to land in your inventory (via

The dispute within the community was thus shifted by a 0 site. Players were not sure how exactly the number is calculated behind the percentages.

If an item has a 10% drop chance, then 30% luck brings the drop chance to 40% or 13%? The Reddit User Skyline has made this ambiguity out of the way (via Reddit).

Time to kill 1,000 wild boars

How did the experiment start? SKYLINOOW assumes that luck scales with 100 points, ie the 13% theory and has made this way to prove this. He has picked up the legendary leather, which is dropped from wild boar in ebar.

Overall, he has equipment that gives him a bonus of 4,390 lucky points. Based on the assumption that you need 101,150 points to get the leather, SKYLINOOW calculates a drop chance of 3.24%.

Then the user kills 571 wild boars and receives the coveted, legendary leather from 19 pieces. This corresponds to a drop chance of 3.33%, which is very close to its predicted result.

More pigs have to die: Although he was almost sure that his theory was confirmed, he continues the experiment. He worries the equipment with more luck to come to a total of 9,590 lucky points.

He calculates his drop chance again on the leather, this time it should be at 8.44%. 573 Tote Bow Bows later he discovered the leather at 43 of them, which corresponds to a chance of 7.5%.

What confirms the experiment? Since both values ​​are within the 90% tolerance limit, that confirms its theory. One percentage point luck so do 100 lucky points.

He confirms his numbers again at the end of the experiment and points out that he has also counted other objects. It should be clear how exactly the happiness in New World works and also that it works at all.

However, the drop councils are probably far below what the community has imagined under 30% more luck. As long as there is no explanation of Amazon himself, we have to rely on skyline, because it seems to work.

The players show grateful

10 Dumb Ways People Died How does the community react? In the thread there are further inquiries and smaller theories. However, it has proven how exactly the happiness in New World behaves, for which many players are grateful.

SKYLINOO Unfortunately does not write how much time has cost him his experiment, but it should have been a few hours. The community on Reddit recognizes this, however and rewards skyline with over 4,200 upvotes and 422 comments.

He himself says he is now 99% sure that his theory is right. He hopes to have helped people and apologizes to the countless wild boar who had to die.

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What do the players say? The fans are grateful to the creator for his time:

Gamingbucketlist writes: You are great. If I had a price, I would give it to you. Thank you very much! Eltraine is grateful: I understood at the same time how luck in New World works and how my attributes work. Thanks for the detailed experiment. A small insider allows Zemom1971: Well done, thank you. But that s really a lot of wild boars. Are you sure you were not in the WoW South Park Follow?

What do you think about the experiment? Has a question for you clarified or you already see you that it works? Do you have pity with the wild boar or wins science here? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.


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