New World : New bugs since 1.0.5 update

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New World Patch 1.0.5 Update! Exploits, Bugs, & Dupes Fixed!

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New World 1.0.5 is the update available for download. the developers share in comprehensive patch notes, which regards bug fixes and enhancements the update. However, the one or other new little problems came into play with the patch. In a recent forum thread, the developer of the Amazon Game Studios share with which errors are reported since the release of Update 1.0.5. We create a weekly thread, to keep new bugs in mind that aufploppen after the recent update, write the developers who want to add to the list as more bugs occur and are reported.

The developers have already fixed a bug with the letter V in chats, which last took care of problems. Thus are still open issues with Outpost storm that sometimes even with a maximum player cap will not start. In addition, report players not currently with the War Board interact to. Furthermore, it is obviously in each language to a display error in various perks and buffs that are erroneously issued with 0 percent. A problem currently exists with the global chat: to be able to perform any conversations during or after a storm outpost report players.

In addition to the update for 1.0.5 emerging errors, the developers keep Board post is also a list of issues previously known, but not yet resolved ready. They are currently working on a fix for the server transfers on outstanding trade orders. In addition, Ice Storm will not work if you switch between different weapons. There are also problems with the boss Malevolence, which is currently not spawn as intended. at which time expected corresponding fixes remains to be seen.

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