New character appeared! Bloodstained: ROTN Roadmap Update, Apex Legends New Season Preceding Experience Repo [Weekly Span 10/29]

From the article published in GAME SPARK on October 29th, October 29, 2021 (Thursday), this week s read articles are introduced this week Gem Spa ranking, abbreviated Weekly Spartan time. I would like to go for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

This week, Halloween sale is held at Steam, and there are many people who have increased the load games. Let s check that any kind of article was read this week!

5th -steam Halloween Sale Recommended 15

Horror game, survival game, STEAM Halloween sale, which had an off up to 90% off a variety of works focusing on spooky games. However, Horror games are not good at the first place I want to know recommendations other than horror games is also a lot. For such a troubled reader, in this paper, we select and deliver more than 50% dismountable good works from the work of Horror game. Introduce a wide range of genres, up to the older masterpiece and a little core title. Currently, Halloween sale has already ended, but from November 24, there is also a holding of Autumn Sale, and how are you looking at the wish list from now?

You don t have to be a horror! STEAM Halloween Sale Buy for Sales Other than Horror

4- Bloodstained: ROTC New Playable Character appeared next time Aide

The development roadmap of 2D action RPG BLOODSTAINED: RITUAL OF THE NIGHT released in 2019 has changed. The other day, technical issues have been delayed in the development of updates, and the content of the roadmap has changed accordingly. And, the next update announced that new playable character appeared. This playable character is the character of the Bloodstained world instead of the character of the famous partner, not the character s partner. In addition, after the appearance of a new playable character, the next update is scheduled to deliver Chaos mode compatible chaos mode and multiplayer VS mode.

Bloodstained: ROTC New Playable Character appeared next time! Realized in cooperation with certain famous partners

3rd place -steam Halloween sale start

Valve has launched the annual STEAM Halloween Sale from October 29th. Many titles will be up to 90% off the horror game, and some games have been held in the game, and in the point shop, Halloween theme special profiles and moving avatars, profile backgrounds appeared. Sale has already ended, and after the next time, Autumn Sale is scheduled for Winter Sale from December 22nd to January 22nd, November 24th.

Halloween sale in 2021 starts at Steam! Up to 90% off focus on horror games

2- Cyberpunk 2077 Roadmap Update

CD Project Red has updated the Quality Efforts on the official site for the Open World RPG Cyberpunk 2077, and released the Roadmap and FAQ. According to the newly released roadmap, it will be updated, improvement, and delivery of free DLC after 2022. On the other hand, the patch 1.31 delivered on September 14, which is delivered on September 14, and you can not confirm the subsequent update schedule during the year. According to the FAQ, the details of free DLC and free updates for next generation machines after the first edition are described as soon as they are prepared, and we will continue to continue long-term support.

Cyberpunk 2077 Roadmap Updated and Appointment of 2022-I can not confirm further updates within the year

1- Apex Legends New Season Preceding Experience Repo

The Season 11 Escape of the online shooter Apex Legends (Apex Legends), which develops the Respawn Entertainment, and the electronics arts operated. 11 Escape started from November 3. With the new season implementation, a preceding experience meeting for related parties is held, and the editing department also participates in this event. In this paper, we introduce new weapons Ash and natural rich new map Storm points, and new weapons CAR that can be fought while switching with light emo and heavy amazing, and other adjustments.

Watson s rework, G7 is a care make! Apex Legends Preceding Experience Repo-Ash is an attack specialized legend

The most read this week is the article of Apex Legends that started the new season! Now few years since the release, the popularity in Japan has not disappeared yet, and this time it appeared. In addition, in the new season, there has been significant adjustments to Watson that had a low pick rate, and recovery in the competition scene is expected, while the new character Ash brings the environment to the environment The attention is attracting attention.

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【PS5】 Elder Ring (preservation benefits Adventure Guide & Map Poster · Gesture Pose of Ring included) ¥9,240




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