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The metaverse (which is composed of the goal prefix, which means past, as well as the root knowledgeable, a regressive derivation of cosmos ) likewise recognized in Spanish as: metauniverse, is a principle made use of generally to describe a Immersive as well as multisensory experience in the applied use of different immersive technological advancements on the net.

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The metaverse or metaunconso, is usually composed of multiple three-dimensional, common and also consistent online rooms, connected to a perceived digital world. In a broader feeling, the metaverse may not just describe digital worlds, however to multidimensional experience and application of Internet in its entirety, particularly the range incorporating web 2.0, boosted reality, third-dimension modern technology and also online fact The metavers are atmospheres where humans connect socially and also financially as symbols, via a rational assistance in a cyberspace, which works as an allegory of the actual world, but without the physical or economic restrictions enforced there. Till currently, used uses of metavers in the area of amusement, teleceeducation, tele-media, as well as specifically in the field of electronic economic situation have been identified, where brand-new types of worth such as non-fungible token begin to emerge. To While the most successful as well as recognized experience of metavers has been 2nd Life (Abbreviated SL, in Spanish Secondly Life), it is expected that the Meta Corporation (Facebook), owned by American North Magnate: Mark Zuckerberg, is the one that leads the execution and also The new developments in the field of metavers in the coming years, considering that it is the global business, which more human as well as technical resources is purchasing this modern technology area, including software program innovation as well as hardware.

The world s leading IT flows, and Microsoft (MS) and Facebook have been paying a competitive rate to dominate the next generation of the Kingdom is metaverse.

MS has introduced a variety of devices, including a videoconferencing metaverse team jeuyong message from 2 (Reuters) - The annual conference yigeunayi tree 2021 to be held online. MS Wednesday proposed a future vision of the Metaverse era in which all operations are conducted online, placing loose bundle generous gift.

Prior to this, Facebook has announced a re-jump changing the company name to Meta. Mark Zuckerberg Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since early while The Future of Facebook is in the metaverse, revealed a strong desire for the metaverse.

A social platform based on Facebook has won a dream dreamed about is the ruler of the metaverse. On the other hand timjeu MS is a collaboration tool to the core axis, I went to call themselves the metaverse helpers.

It seems like another two huge metaverse competitive IT companies are interested ssolrigo not lead to any results.

■ Low cover him, as the ruler of the Social Platform → Focus Metaverse Strategic moved

Metaverse is a compound word of metadata (meta) and the universe (universe) containing the entire meaning of such world, the universe, which means transcendence. It means the world is real space and virtual space of organically combined.

Neal Stephenson is released in 1992 and remained Snow Crash is a metaverse first used in the novel is the novel or science fiction (SF) movie while. Reality was far from the concept.

But with advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) is accumulated in earnest the 5G Communications began a little different situation. While looking a little reality sense metaverse vision was in the realm of science fiction began to change in the concept to life.

Recently expectation anticipation grows Bayfront be the core concept of the next generation of the Internet has poured a lot of countries and companies are interested. Large IT companies in jungeseon Facebook MS is one step ahead is to move quickly to build the metaverse worlds of their own.

If Facebook is a VR device ohkyul Russ, MS has a lens alone. Figure vision to take advantage of the Avatar in 3D space to build the metaverse in a more lively similar.

Facebook changed the company name to Meta has a vision to upgrade the platform itself to the metaverse. In addition, the work Horizon Rooms (Horizon Workrooms) is also formed in the axis important meetings.

The core of MS metaverse strategy Dez. team collaboration platform. With personalized avatars without any special equipment here while unveiling a team jeuyong mesh that allows you to conduct meetings with realism in a virtual environment was a bit more specific to MS Table metaverse vision.

But two of the metaverse strategies are more differences than similarities.

Social media is a springboard for growth Facebook has evolved into a dream of metaverse platforms. It is the future strategy of Facebook, in a word, to become a metaverse owners. The world s largest social platform, integrating VR, AR technology, combined through its own money to build a hagetdaneun yet another kingdom.

The axis of the core Facebook is one ohkyul Russ arguments to $ 2.3 billion in 2014. As it is well known ohkyul Russ is a professional VR device manufacturers. Russ is a Facebook ohkyul important pillar implement the upcoming future.

Recently, there deulyigo many balls in the cryptocurrency project, Diem (Diem). In which the real and virtual space, combining commerce and community metaverse is a major problem if you want to use any money. DM is the metaverse with Facebook and can also be an important axis of the larger vision.

Metaverse is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was his old dream. Strategy is not a pop out from between one or two years.

But you left me covered only made a tight connection based on the social graph metaverse he draw is more likely to be an upgraded version of Facebook. He meant his expectation that the picture creator of big Metaverse and there.

■ MS mean to a specific corporate governance metaverse Dystopia

Metaverse think that MS is a little different. This particular company that owns all of the metaverse, it is thought that MS s no better than a dystopia.

AI and Alex Keefe Technical Fellow distant reality a mix of MS has criticized It hagetdaneun all people to live in my metaverse I am highly dystopian vision of the future. In an interview with Fast Money.

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He argued that today s website tomorrow and the metaverse, and I will be, registered in many metaverse.

Keefe distant compared the metaverse and the early Internet. Dominated the early days of the Internet, it was the service, such as AOL or CompuServe. But it was close to the closed garden. Users will have to play in a world of their own.

The era of the closed gardens that seemed to be sparkling once was long. As people get used to the open Internet has been widely linked gradually forgotten.

He said It was an interesting connection between the ones who make the Internet website. Metaverse is also not a closed garden is described rea evolve in such a way that the various world connections.

Of course, MS is thinking a collaboration tool timjeu as a prototype of meta bus. Companies can build their own space in this place.

But MS is not interested in owning their own There metaverse Unlike Facebook / meter. Rather, various Metaverse (multiverse) hagetdaneun they will act as glue that can connect well with each other. It is very team jeuyong message that is responsible for that role.

In fact, the team jeuyong mesh allows enterprises to leverage the API to build their metaverse. Like Fast Company has analyzed the role that is similar to today s iPhone app.

■ lows but philosophy is how to expand the other two companies, which compete

Why did MS is presented as the core of the future strategy of the mesh timjeu?

Nicole heoseukeo Beats timjeu and Microsoft 365 (M356) oversees more In an interview with Father while virtual in the world 30, it is very difficult to focus on paying attention to even the 40-minute meeting, message is caused when a video conference all day will help further reduce the cognitive overload emphasized that.

Timjeu that combines the metaverse, there is the introduction of 3D avatars. Also there is no need to use a VR headset in order to use them. In addition, the avatar may be based on the AI ​​representing the user s movements and gestures.

MS also had never dreamed of the own garden for a while. Bill Gates childhood he had a vision is in my palm computer. But coming over from the PC era to the Internet era, MS has devoted much attention to the collaboration and open source instead of closed garden.

The MS Table metaverse timjeu the axis too many possibilities advanced version of such a strategy. In fact, MS is planning to help you write your avatar with the timjeu as in other metaverse.

The MS and Facebook, the two undisputed leader in the Silicon Valley. One is when the two companies had risen from the metaverse to the other area is trying to start a race to the vision of the next generation of film.

Could this really metaverse vision either to get a stronger sound? The only question seems to be able to see more interesting watching the moves of the two companies.


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