Ministry of Environment, Understanding Elementary Contribution... Request a request to produce elements in the industry

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The government has entered into an industry, agency, and veterans before the enumeration for the resolution of the elements.

The Ministry of Environment held a meeting for eliminating the number of elements, such as the Ministry of Education, District, and Industry, and the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Environment.

As a manufacturer, Lott Precision Chemical, KG Chemical, KD Pinckney, SAMU, Hunches, Echoic, etc. In the gas station industry, the Korea Saucing Bargain Association, Korea Oil Distribution Administration and Korea Gas Station Association participated.

The Ministry of Environment requested to produce the number of enemies for the seamless supply of the number of elements to the utmost number of elements in the conference.

In addition, the number of elements was prioritized through the supply chain of the existing element, and the free volume was shared by a distributor, a gas station associated association, so that the number of cases could be properly supplied to the city where the number of elements was lacking.

Environmental Issues: Personal & Collective Solutions || World Environment Day_5 June 2021 The relevant industry said that it is actively cooperating with the Ministry of Environment and to make the number of enrollment smoothly.

The Ministry of Environment, Climate Carbon, said, We will share an emergency network to contact the industry with related industries in terms of the number of elements. In the future, I will try to do our best to solve the bottleneck of the bottleneck.

The Ministry of Environment will hold the meeting after the export procedure of China s export procedure, due to strengthening the export procedures in China, which will hold the meeting after the reception of the domestic elements. We are committed to seamless supply and demand of the number of enemies such as communicating with the industry.

On the other hand, the Minister of Environment and the Ministry of Environment of the Ministry of Environment and Hongjeonggi,

The Minister of Affairs for the Minister of Korea is a Gyeonggi Province, visit the factors that are located in Gyeonggi Province, explaining the production process and distribution structure from industry officials, and normalize the number of enemies, I will continue to listen to the affair.

The Buddhist Primary Department visited the Inchon National Environment and Academy of Traffic Environmental Institute of Environmental Traffic Environmental Institute of Environmental Traffic Environmental Institute. I said, he said.


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