Microphone analysis EPOS B20: a quality jump for my streaming

If something you learn quickly when you carry out live retransmissions, it is that the process is much more expensive than it seems. I do not mean what it means to get to speak in front of a camera or submit to the opinions of chat. That process will not have too many complications for those who, like me, be a proud shameless of the condition of it. We speak of the purely economic. They have made us believe otherwise, but designers do not eat visibility and good teams can rarely meet at balance prices.

In that sense, my obsession has always been sound. I could have the worst emoticons, do more or less grace or neglect social networks. However, my desire was that anyone who entered live retransmission did not leave for lack of quality. In that sense, I was able to fulfill one of my great ambitions when I received the Microphone EPOS B20 by the brand to carry out an analysis of the product.

Simple to use, but improves if we set it up

One of the features I look for in a microphone is that it is simple to use. In this sense, EPOS B20 comes with the premise of being ready to use at the same moment in which we connect it. However, we would be making an error if we simply connect the USB cable to our team, and we put ourselves us, and we hope that we are able to get all the game.

This situation is largely due to a great capture capacity that we must moderate manually if we do not want the sound to be overloaded generating a bad experience for the spectators. Everything is a matter of lowering the gain in the physical controls of the device or the Windows panel. In that sense, we should not scare ourselves if when we skip this step we did not sound like we would expect.

To this we can add some more personalized and detailed features using the software created by EPOS that, of course, is perfectly compatible with this B20 microphone. In it.

of the good the best: all within reach

The good thing is that once we have created our perfect sound setting everything will be within reach of our hand. The microphone has a volume wheel that allows us to adjust the Windows audio level, a key to silence very accessible (which, for example, did not have while using my previous microphone) or a gain wheel that allows us to make the necessary adjustments in Full retransmission.

In addition, we have access to four capture patterns that enable different receptors in the microphone and are adjusted to several needs. We use the front panel when we are alone, the omnidirectional if we need a large range of capture, the stereo configuration if we share a table or the bidirectional for conversations against front. These details are almost a standard in Premium products, but also a very grateful change when we come from a lower quality range.

A solid structure, although with a small gray

What is EPOS? - B20 Microphone

Another interesting details of the microphone is its finish. You can also use anchored to any type of clamping arm, we have decanted to place it crowning the desk. The result is satisfactory, has a foot that barely occupies space on the table and raised about 30 centimeters on the support surface, leaving at a perfect height for your sound capture in any of the formats allows us to be comfortable while we talk.

In this sense it also stands out by having a heavy structure that gives a rest of robustness, although we have found several times a small problem: The nut holding the microphone on your foot can loosen if we move too gearing sensation of instability. A small negative note that tarn aches a finish that would have been perfect attending to all its characteristics.

In this structure we also find space for a 3.5 mm jack that allows us to carry out several functions. Among them highlights the possibility of deriving all Windows audio to this entry or listen to our own voice to carry out fast settings. Alternatives that can come very well when ensuring the quality of a first live retransmission with the microphone EPOS B20 or maintaining streaming at all times.

the price of jumping

Sound quality is one of the most expensive improvements we can make for live retransmissions. It was dealing with something that in my personal case is of superlative importance and I have greatly thanked this microphone in my latest retransmissions. However, we must know what we stick to: every little step forward in this department can be really expensive. In the case of EPOS B20 we can find it about 178 euros on Amazon. The investment will be thanking you as time goes by, especially when we see each other in situations where we have to make use of its most specific characteristics. It is a very recently released product that is up to the most competent market at an attractive price considering that we talk about a high-end microphone.


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