Lol: the ridiculous investment of the owner of Cloud 9 that shows how much the ESPORTS have changed

Although now it is natural to talk about League of Legends as an environment in which the professional game has room and even accept as natural the millions of dollars that the ESPORTs generate annually, such illusions were just a dream less than one decade. Riot Games was still in diapers and people did not have too much faith. A little glamorous origin that still revived with some stories like the one that has made public Jack Étienne, founder of Cloud 9, who has revealed as he originally paid by buying the team.

The most profitable investment in the story of League of Legends

Thank You: Luka Jack Étienne explained that the arrival of him the ESPORTS was related to him as a competitive player, but thanks to a newborn TSM in which he works as a volunteer where he began to see in them a possible Professional future. A curious story that the sister with the most historical rival of the club of him. The history and is plagued with curiosities, but the most striking seen in perspective is that he founded his own organization with an investment of only $10,000.

That was the amount that, according to the owner at an event, he spent acquiring the rights of the Plaza de Lcs and found one of the most successful organizations in the history of the Western League of Legends. It would be necessary to add additional expenses throughout the season, although everything suggests that it did not take too long to see the potential considering that Cloud 9 came to success quickly and his specialty when he was still in TSM were trade agreements.

In fact, the organization reached the quarterfinals of the League of Legends World Championship in its founding season entering $75,000 in prizes that, although much part they would be for players, they are seven times the amount inverted. Amount that remains at all if we take into account that since its foundation they have been eight times in the Worlds being their best position that achieved in 2018 when they reached the semifinals.

The current value of Cloud 9 is difficult to calculate. However, it has recently become public that Team BDS paid approximately 30 million dollars only by a place in LEC. All that without taking into account the value of the brand or the rest of the teams of the organization. One of the most profitable investments in history so that the most successful ESports club in all North America was born.


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