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UPDATE 2.12 for Ghost of Tsushima Director s Cut has arrived and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. On PlayStation 5 this update version 2,012,000 is. This update focuses mainly on Ghost of Tsushima Legends and adds the survival and Rival modes random spawns to increase recovery. In addition, several error corrections were made in each mode and several balance adjustments were made at each class. Assassin now have an increased base assassination speed and can, for example, run camouflage attacks faster and quieter, and the decay times of the arrows of hunters were reduced. Everything is new with Ghost of Tsushima Update 2.12

Ghost of Tsushima Update 2.12 Patnotes

In the modes survival and rivals, the spawn points of the enemies are now randomly assigned and change with every new game. However, Nightmare Survival will maintain a solid spawn pattern all week to create a uniform floor for the leaderboards. Nightmare Story now has a solid spawn place for Gyozens scroll and the oni chest every week. It has been fixed a mistake in survival and rivals in which the waves could occasionally cope, spawn after all enemies were killed. A mistake has been resolved in survival and rivals where enemies could occasionally stop attacking. The ability to fill in empty sites through matchmake was added to Nightmare Survival and Nightmare Story. Currently we test this feature and will monitor you to make sure you do not affect the game balance and may be removed from your feedback in the future. The Show Details screen in the lobby was adapted to contain both advantages of equipped equipment.

Class balances change:

assassin The base speed for murmurbations has been increased. Stealth attacks are now faster and quieter. The technique of the experienced assassin was removed Replaced by a new technique, skillful hands The unlock sequence of some assassin techniques has been adjusted. The aims of Shadow Strike technology has been adjusted. Shadow stroke now scales easily with the damage of secretive attacks While Shadow Strike is active, the Assassine for enemies is invisible.

Hunter Stunning arrow Reduced cooldown (from 55 to 42 seconds) Ghosts Reduced cooldown (from 55 to 42 seconds)

Ghost of Tsushima NEW UPDATE 2.04 Adds Camp & Duel REPLAY, Target Lock & More (Iki Island) samurai Angry flame Increased cooldown (from 36 to 50 seconds)

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The amount of fire damage transmitted to near enemies in heavy attacks has been reduced Reduced duration (from 20 seconds to 11 seconds) Ghost train Increased duration (from 11 seconds to 15 seconds) Explosive blade Increased duration (from 11 seconds to 15 seconds) An error has been fixed, in which explosive blade in some cases no explosions triggered

RONIN (Note: Although the item matching below limits the samurai and assassin classes to a maximum of 6 vibration bombs, the Ronin still retains a maximum of 12 vibration bombs.)

Article adjustments:

Bottle of liquid courage The maximum resolution gain was from 3 to 2. reduced Weightless spirit Dramatically increased referee speed Increased drawing speed Increased arrow speed Increased maximum number of fire arrows Bomb pack and forbidden medicine When Samurai and Assassin are equipped, the total ammunition number for vibration bombs is reduced (from 12 bombs to 6 bombs). The fog of Yagata Increases the healing effect Magmabomb An error has been resolved, which influenced the duration of magmabombs when used together with smoke bombs. Stress opponents that were covered by the explosion, no longer to the ground

Additional bug fixes:

An error has been resolved in Rivals where players could get through the StartTor before the game began It has been resolved a problem in which players use the standalone version of Legends to encounter an error when you have Director s Cut memory data.

Ghost of Tsushima Director s Cut is now available for PS4 and PS5.


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