First look at conceptual art for Live

In case you were not aware, Netflix is already working on a Live-Action adaptation of Gun dam, but sadly we still have very few details about the project. Things changed a little today, when we were revealed to us the first look at the conceptual art of the film and, to be honest, this movie may not end as bad as it was believed.

The Japanese portal Natalie. Mu shared the first image of this adaptation, and then you can check it for yourself:

Kong Skull Island 2: The Return | Teaser Trailer (2022)

As I mentioned at the beginning, we still have many details about it, except that the project only leads itself Gun dam and will be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who previously also headed Kong : Skull Island

At the time of writing we do not know if the tape will be located in Universal Century, that is, in the same timeline of the anime. I do not even have a launch window, but the idea that it is launch at the end of 2022 or even mid, it does not sound like something so crazy.

Editor s note : The truth is that Kong: Skull Island is not the best movie of this Titan out there, and I do not know how well you can apply the experience of Vogt-Roberts for this project. It is clear that the filmmaker has the talent to take the project forward, but there are many things in between when it comes to adapting an IP as recognized as Gun dam is.



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