FC Schalke 04: Reinhold RANFTL has underestimated

After six successful years of Linz ASK, the Austrian Reinhold RAFT changed from his homeland to Germany last summer, where he joined the Frisco in the 2nd Bundesliga FC Schalke 04. His first months in Gelsenkirchen went through. Now the 29-year-old has drawn an interim balance and not saved with self-criticism.

Around 650,000 euros took the FC Schalke in the hands of the season in order to break away Reinhold RAFT from his contract. Under coach Dimitrios Grammars, the hard-working wing player should be the right outer tracks. But even after almost five months, the six-time national player in the scares has not arrived right.

In the beginning, I felt a huge novel after the change, I wanted to show it all and introduce my strengths immediately. But then I had little setbacks, but have underestimated the whole thing a little, Raft confessed in an interview with the Kicker.

The differences between Austria and Germany were greater than expected. I have considered the level a little differently. You have to be 100 percent at every game, the teams and the opponents are perfect, explained the newcomer. The 2nd Bundesliga have really a top level.

RAFT sets its ego at the FC Schalke rear

So far, RAFT was allowed in nine mandatory games for the royal blue ran, but he does not have a regular place. A circumstance made to him in the meantime.

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Of course you will be restless if the performance is not like that as one imagines that. I then played very little for a while, I tried again in training again sanction and that suddenly succeeded, the right foot betrayed.

Of the limit, RAFT does not look at the limit. In any case, I have to improve myself in the game building. I work very well against the ball, but here the focus is much more laid on the game with the ball when it was the case with the LAST. I really have myself in the beginning Heavily, which relates to positioning, ball acceptance and ball acceptance, he admitted.

His personal properties, the OF legionnaire meanwhile does not want to hang up too high. The team success is more important to RAFT according to its own statement.

Im not 20 more, where I still have my whole career in front of me, Im 29 and come to Schalke that the club plays again in the first Bundesliga. Even if I do not make this season anymore, and we rise, then I also fulfilled my goal. No matter how much I played, he made it clear.


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