Dynamo Dresden: Alexander Schmidt bought about his job

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Trainer Alexander Schmidt from the Soccer Second division Dynamo Dresden banged according to his own statement after the 1-2 last Friday at Holstein Kiel around his job.

I admit, after the Kiel game was frustrated. Since I was not sure what happened. The decision could have been in every direction, he said on Monday evening in the double pasHolstein Kiel 2nd Bundesliga at Holstein Kiel1.

Ein Tag Dynamo | Folge 2 | Alexander Schmidt

It makes him proud, that the club continues to build on me. If you are confirmed in his actions, there is a real energy channel again, emphasized Schmidt.

It is not a nice situation at present, we just suffer something. His team had been an equitable adversary in recent games, partly better, but in key situations, we behave Unilever.

However, one should not be destroyed or uninspired: The Holstein Kieling line analyzed that coaches and team are highly motivated. We will continue to tackle things that take a break.


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