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It is the season of the election. Fifth five years, the presidential election will lead to Korea. This time, the proposals for the reorganization of the toxic Buddha are pouring. The president of the Daejeon-heon, the anticipation of the President of Post Corona 19 is a catalyst. Judinnet Korea gives this situation, considering this situation, 10 times a series of government organizational reorganization over 10 times. The past, present, and future desirable alternatives and prospects of organizational reorganization.

Since it is already a government tissue, it is a good year. Every floor, mountain, and areas of the school are the main character. There is not a perfect form, but the Buddha reorganization is not a perfect form, from a liberatorialist,

Let s take a look at the lifetime sponsor. First, Kim Tae-dong, Sungkyunkwan University, who is in charge of the consulting group of the policy adviser of Lee Jae-nyeon, said, Recently, the Camp Success Forum, emphasized the contents of the base part, such as Park Sang-cheol, We proposed a new editorial of climate energy and climate change and energy problems. The direct mention of the candidate is expected to be later.

The opposition is still in the presidential candidate. The reorganization of the runner is a stronger ton than the ruling party. Yoon Suk-yeol was thirsty that it will incorporate industry, education, labor, and welfare, such as industry, education, labor and welfare, and reorganized government organizations.

The candidate Hong Joon-pyo is more specific. He declared the integration of the Ministry of Industry and Normal Resources and SME Venture Company. He also mentioned the need for the integration of the female family and the Ministry of Health and Welfare. He professed the launch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Unification.

Buddha reorganization message You too... Candidate Candidate Civilian Buddha Priority

Yoo Seung-min s candidate suggested the installation of the female family and the establishment of a positive equality committee. The Ministry of Health and Welfare is to separate the Ministry of Health and Welfare, while the Ministry of Health and Welfare will incorporate the function of some female family members in the Ministry of Health. He suggested that digital innovation was new.

Won Hee Ryong Candidate predicted the resurrection of the Ministry of Science and Technology in the Ministry of Science and Technology. He mentioned the research and development (R & D) budget control and regulatory work.

As a ruling party, I was eliminated, but I have suggested the installation of Housing Department. He claimed the new editorial of climate energy. The launch of the intellectual property was also a realization. The new development of the strategy data has been discussed. If you emphasize the circle system, this is a matter of reviewing the policy reflection.

Candidates in the Caucasus have expanded to assist that they are achieved the intellectual property of the Knowledge Property, the Ministry of Patent Office, the Name of the Agriculture, Forestry, Food and Medicine, Kim Duk Gwan s candidate also suggested that the Industrial Technology Innovation Department, Jang Sung-min of the opposition party, has proposed a new establishment of the 4th Army Industry Revolution Office.

In the National Assembly, the Covalent, Data Office, Knowledge Property Administration, Senatorians have established a cosmic office, established a covalent and establishment of a covenification through the revision of the Space Development Promotion Act and the Government Organization Act.

Let s take the Database Example as an example. The establishment claim of the data office is from last year. She is aimed at Kim Tae-sung, a member of Kim Tae-jae, a member of Kim Kyung-sung, Kim Kyung-soo, and a governance of the data economy.

Kim Jong-soo, the opposition party, participated in the national representative of the national and Ahn, Chul-soo. It is a claim that the data department that reflects the necessity of the era, the need for the industry.

Lee Joon-seok s power representative was that he was achieved at all, and from the beginning of his inaity, he pulled out the female family and the unification part of the Unification Ministry. Ha Tae Kyung said, I also referred to the abolition of the female family.

Public life, future, etc.

In the Buddha, the Industrial Ministry started first. The Industrial Department is in preemptive behavior while ordering the assignment for the reorganization of the organization. Other Budders, such as the Ministry of Land, Dealth, Department, and Occupation, Culture, and Fairy, etc. The buddhas are finished on the discussion of the reorganization.

Large Buddha with Candle

The Industrial Department is a normal nervous nervous nervous nervousness in the oriental voice of the sector and the energy sector. In the independence of the Ministry of SMEs, the phase of the Buddha is not the same as the beginning of the Buddha, which is not the same for the existence of the division.

The Department of Science and Technology Information and Communications is currently being adhered to. It is nervous to the establishment of the Independence and Datin of the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is a sign to be reenacted by the neuronal charging of the broadcasting communication committee and the business division.

The Ministry of Land, Transport and Traffic has already done measles with the Land Metropolitan and LH situation. It is a background concerned that the voice of the housing part and the abroad of the house is growing. In addition, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture, the Digital Content, Games, Broadcasting, and the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, are also building a tactile that will include content such as e-government and personal information.

The academia will order the innovative Buddha s innovative Buddha. The Professor of the Goryeo Gori University, who served as a regulatory reform chairman and the former chairperson of the E-government,

The DPB has a scoring digital policy adjustment right. Digital budgeting, digital re-regime, advanced technology development support, and advanced high education support. Furthermore, we proposed the newness of the Digital Administration for the Electronic government.

Professor Hong Sung-gyu said that the professor of the National University of the National University claimed that the entire government organization should be rebuilt in the AI ​​(AI) era. The conversion of Cerinickusu is required. Digital network based on the Government Development and AI, big data, forms and services of government organizations in accordance with the expansion of the application of the block chain technology offerings, such as talking to government organizations and government public participation.

Kim, Sung - Chul of Korea University Professor War ventilation are what is more need digital platforms ministries to the platform for government departments, said The Buddha while research and development of the ability to coordinate the departments to ensure the budget pyeonseonggwon and jiphaenggwon (R & D) and manpower has also must ensure that consistently promote and highlight.

In addition naenwatda the assertion that Information and Communication Policy Institute, Cyber ​​Communications Society, Korea Society and Media Management, etc. 3 ICT Sector Society is more recent ICT promotion and the current government organizations should incorporate the next government, which is divided into regulations. With the status and functions of the Minister the ministerial level rather than a claim that needs ICT departments.


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