Bundesliga confirms functional barrier of 18 months against Jürgen Werner

The Senate 2 of the Austrian Bundesliga has again pronounced a functional barrier of 18 months in the proceedings against Jürgen Werner after repealing the Senate 2 Decision. The already ceased lock is to be attributed to the duration of the function lock accordingly. The functional barrier is thus running until the 18th of February 2023.

Jürgen Werner is blocked for official functions in Austrian football, as he had had several parts of social shares and functions active in the field of player mediation during his time as a Last Vice President. Such a parallel functional practice is prohibited in accordance with the OF regulations for working with player agents.

A functional lock means that the person concerned must not occur in official function to the association (OF, Bundesliga or national associations). Likewise, any participation in a game has been officially prohibited.

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Against the Senate 2 Decision, Jürgen Werner can register protest within three days, which must be introduced after delivery of the long-order within 14 days.


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