Bitter message : Felix fire is missing the FSV Zwickau Lange

SV Wehen Wiesbaden - FSV Zwickau | 15. Spieltag, 2021/2022 | MAGENTA SPORT

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Seven times, Brand so far stood in the Wicket squad, but he did not come yet — and he will not do that in the coming months. A cartilage damage forces the left-back to watch the end of the season. The diagnosis was a very bitter message for us, said Wickets sport director Toni Warmth, We know that such a serious injury is not easy for a young player. Brand has been operated on this Tuesday, now there is a long rehab time before. According to his youth years at the TSG Cofferdam and the 1st PSV Mainz 05, the 20-year-old had tweaked about the Oberlin Stations Astoria Walldorf II and Tu s Mechtersheim before this season after Wicket. He has to wait for his professional debut.


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