Battlefield 2042: Early-Access-Start im Live

Battlefield 2042 is an establishing vanity shooter created by EA DICE and also released by Electronic Arts. It is the seventeenth part of the Battlefield collection. The publication of Battlefield 2042 was introduced for the 19th of November 2021 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X and Collection S.

Today, on 12 November, the Early Access battlefield starts 2042. The newest installment in the popular series starts with new modes and some features that make it so has never been in Battlefield. Mango accompanies the release, reports on the launch and issues and provides you with possible solutions.

Update 10:50: The discussion on the scoreboard escalated in the community. Thousands of players want more insight into their in-game statistics and call back the old Scoreboard:

Update 10:37: Performance is currently a growing issue in the community, at least among PC gamers. Even with strong hardware have to get the fans problems, high FPS areas. One reason for the new, large 128-player modes are likely to be. If you also have difficulties, you could help the following solutions:

Provides the graphics settings as low as possible Represents DSS on performance or ultra-performance Start the game again — especially if the settings are not applied

However, even with these options, there are reports that up to 20 FPS more, some that can not be taken out in this way again.

Update 10:07: One of the specialists, dozens, already makes to release problems. There is obviously a mistake with his gadget, the SOB 8 Shield, which is why it has been deactivated. On Mango you read more about the 10 specialists of Battlefield 2,042nd

Update 10:00: On Reddit appear more and more discussions about the missing scoreboard. Apparently, the players do not have the opportunity to see how good they were in a round or generally to get information. The subject dominated the current community. Some even threaten to kill penguins:

Update 9:50: Most players can obviously playing easily and praise Battlefield 2042 about the optics. However, there are complaints about the performance of your PC and problems with EA Play and the game ball. If you also can not find the game on Xbox, the following workaround may help:

Opens the Xbox app on your mobile phone when it is linked to your Xbox Search there for Battlefield 2042 Selects where either the trial or Battlefield 2042 for Xbox One out (even for Xbox Series X) The game should then appear

Otherwise, be found under the game:

My Games & Apps → Entire Library → EA Play → Games Tests

Thanks to Mango reader Zukor for the hint.

Update 9:23: More and more players start the game and fight through the tutorial. However, there are some anecdotal reports of errors on the Xbox where the game crashes or even shut down the console. Have you also problems?

Update 9:08: The error messages all seem to disappear after a reboot. So far there are no reports of outages or server problems.

Update: 9:00 pm: Battlefield 2042 is now live and can be played. First player trying to log on and there are already errors when the game starts. To Reddit you find even a release Bingo:

Update 8:55: On Twitter locally produced small squabbles between fans of Battlefield and Call of Duty. Should we now play Battlefield 2042, or Cod Vanguard? Mango help you decide: buy Cod Vanguard or Battlefield 2042? 6 important differences

Update 8:38: According to reports can Xbox player, the corresponding versions have pre-ordered, play in advance. There should be gone off since 0:00. Can you gamble for a break?

Update 8:22: The first players already have access and share gameplay — such as their sniper Plays:

When will Battlefield 2042? The launch of the Early Access falls at 9:00 am German time. All buyers of gold or Ultimate editions, as well as all subscribers of EA Play will then be able to start playing.

The Preload began a few days earlier. Who wants to download the game, should be a little patient because you need almost 50 GB of free space on any platform. More found in our Special for Early Access, preload and download size.

If you prefer still want to wait and look at how players react first, which can take off version Standard on 19 November with. Then the official release for all. On Mango you find all versions compared and what is worthwhile for you.

Battlefield 2042 the way starts with Cross Play between PC and Xbox PS5 Series X | S and between PS4 and Xbox One. The allocation is for technical reasons, because PC and the new generations support battles with up to 128 players. On the older consoles can be found up to 64 players per match.

What is the mood? Many fans are waiting for the new Battlefield part. Especially on Twitter, the players report their impatience in seconds. However, there was already first concerns.

So the view of the size of the maps ensures some fans. Others are still skeptical about the technical defects that were visible in the tests. A more accurate picture draws you our review on Mango by author Tarek Bearer:

Preparing for the release

Where can I find tips and guides about Battlefield 2042? If you want to agree on Battlefield 2042, we have put together some guides and useful information for you:

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If you want to deal with Battlefield more, you can already try the portal mode. You do not even have to buy the game. The website to create your own modes can be operated by anyone and is perfect.

We have also prepared a survey for you. Battlefield 2042 dispenses with traditional classes as in old parts. Instead, the game offers specialists with unique skills that can be freely combined with weapons loadouts. Participate:

Battlefield 2042 starts in the Early Access — which specialists will you play?


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