New World: Everything about happiness - so gets easier to rare weapons and items

Loot plays a big role in every MMORPG. Innew World are also looking forward to players when they are rare droping. In this article we show from Meinmmo to keep everything to keep in order to get rare items more often and how exactly luck works.

What are rare objects in New World? In the game exist at the moment (as of October 27, 2021) 5 different rates. As a rule, the higher the rarity level, the more valuable and stronger the item. Here a short overview of commonly occurring to extremely rare.

Usually - Gray background Equipment: No special bonuses or effects. Materials: Do you find as good as everywhere or very often in the game (wood or stone, for example) Unusually - green background Equipment: Can wear a maximum of 1 special effect Materials: Already here it will cumulate certain materials. Like, for example, natterstone - a particularly in-demand and popular material under players. In this article you will learn how to get to these valuable stones Rare - Blue Background Equipment: Can wear a maximum of 2 special effect (including jewel base) Materials: Certain items need a few hours to get killed Epic - Lilan background Equipment: Can wear a maximum of 3 special effect (including jewel base) Materials: Certain items need a few hours to get killed Legendary - orange background Equipment: Can wear a maximum of 4 special effect (including jewel base) Materials: Certain items need days to get enough

New World MMO - Crafting Legendary Weapons and Armor Guide

LUCKY There are two categories : The game differentiates here between:

Monsters and chests The degradation of materials

That means: If you have focused at the top of the loot of monsters and chests, it does not affect the drop chance of materials that you get by degrading.

Worth lucky? Who is traveling in Guild Wars 2, will know the value Magic Find. The should increase the chance of rare items in the game, but is basically not worth it. You do not realize a real difference.

In New World, however, there is noticeably better loot. There are also significantly more equipment than in average MMORPGs. Since you can increase your luck by over 30%, you notice the buff especially for rare and epic drops.

With happiness equipment rarer drops of monsters and chests get

How does luck works exactly? luck is an attribute in New World, which can be increased with equipment and other possibilities. For example, if you have 30% more luck, an item with usually 10% chance drops, now with a 13% chance.

Which equipment gives more luck ? Each equipment slot can bring you more luck for monsters and chest drops. Accordingly, there are 13 slots that can equip you with this effect.

5 slots for armor (head / body / arm / leg / foot) 1 slot for shield 3 slots for jewelry (necklace / earring / ring) 3 slots for bags 1 slot for the active weapon

More luck with pearls : In addition, your equipment that own gemstone slots can be built with beads. Immaculate pearl is the highest level among the jewels and brings you rich 0.5% luck, per socketed armor, weapon and jewelry slot.

What is the maximum of luck on booty equipment? The higher the armor, the more luck the effect brings. Thus, armor 600 with 2.8% luck per equipment is currently the highest value you can get. However, there are some items that are exceptions and even bring more.

33.6% more luck here is an achievable goal here. Weapons with the value luck you only get from certain quests or boss drops and are much harder to find, so we do not calculate them with.

Are you interested in topics around equipments and builds?

Here we explain everything that gems exist and how to benefit from it You still need a bag? Through this quest you get a good one. 3 legendary pieces of jewelery and where you can find this.

Lucky equipment also bring more rare items when collecting or reducing

Do I need other equipment for collecting? Yes. Because the equipment described above applies only to monsters and chests. For rare materials that can only be obtained by reducing certain raw materials, your other equipment needs. Each collecting diziplin, so mining, skins, etc. needs his own happiness equipment.

Which equipment gives more luck when collecting? Unlike monsters and chests, there are only 7 slots that bring you this value when degrading. Here is a small overview.

5 slots for equipment (head / body / arm / leg / foot) 1 Slots for jewelry - necklace 1 slot for the appropriate tool (wooden ax / harvesting / roasting knife / pickaxe)

What is the maximum of luck on degradation equipment? Again, the higher the armor, the more luck. An item 600 arms value brings 5% per slot to the specific discipline. Necklaces and tools sting out, because these slots can bring you up to 10% more luck.

45% more Sammel Luck is therefore possible through your equipment, which is already a very decent number.

Other ways to build luck

Trophies bring you extreme advantages: If you have the right trophies hanging in you in the house, you can additionally increase the happiness. Thus, a small bootetrophow can increase the drop chance for rare materials at monsters and chests.

Our detailed Housing Guide learns more about trophies, storage deposits and other benefits.

What about Buff Food? Cooked meals increase the chance of rare loot. Especially food on stage 5 boosts the value immensely. Here is an overview of the best dishes for more luck :

Salted, roasted all sorts - luck on mining Sharp meat pate - luck on harvest Hearty fish casserole - luck on skins Salted chicken with cabbage - luck on lumberjack

What do you say about luck? Have you had the value so far on the screen or do you ignore it more? Write it in the comments.

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