Lol: 7 champions very expected by the community that ended up being a gigantic disappointment

League of Legends (also known for its acronym LOL) is a video game of the online battle sand (MOBA) and electronic sport which was developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and OS X and for digital consoles. At first the servers were housed in the company Goa and was sold to the company China Tencent Holdings Limited. The game was designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system and launched a beta for OS X, leaving the side project soon. This beta has been improved by game users, making it possible to play an updated version of League of Legends In October 2012, it had 70 million registered players. By March 2013, 5 million players were recorded at the same time around the world. It is a game of high competitiveness being one of the most popular sports games Electronics (e-Sports). The game is inspired by the popular personalized map of Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients: AllStars, designed by Steve «GunSoo» Feak, which in turn is based on the StarCraft scene «Aeon of Strife». League of Legends was well received at its launch, winning praise for its various artistic and musical departments, particularly for its design of characters (154 champions) and production value. League has many followers on transmission platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. In September 2019, Riot Games said that the game had almost 8 million concurrent users every day. The popularity of the game has led to products and links in other media, such as musical videos, web series, comics, documentaries and a nearby animated series of Netflix. The promotional material for game cosmetics has attracted great generalized attention, such as K / DA, a group of K-Pop girls composed of five League champions. League has a prosperous competitive scene, often described as preeminent world sport. The 2019 League of Legends World Championship had more than 100 million unique viewers, reaching a maximum of 44 million simultaneous viewers, with a minimum prize of 2.5 million dollars. On August 24, 2020 Spotify and Riot Games come together to form an official electronic sports association of League of Legends.

Each time Riot Games presents a new champion for League of Legends submits to the judgment of the community. The skills or the same aspect can be a source of controversy that gives rise to great discussions between the players and things do not always come out as well as the creators of these characters would like them. However, we have sinned to oversize the importance of these beginnings. Bad opinions do not augur a failure and, in fact, they may be the complaining those who end up causing great disappointments.

In this second case, all the characters that we will include in this collection belong. Champions who showed up for everything high and to whom the community seemed to have eternal love sworn, but that they ended up being too problematic or completely irrelevant. A scenario that nobody contemplated, but ended up becoming a reality that in the vast majority of cases is still valid in League of Legends. Thus, let s go there with our list of the most disappointing characters we receive with too much illusion.


Although it was the first champion designed for League of Legends, Singed did not throw himself up to two years after the premiere of the title. The concept of him was very interesting to have been born with the intention of making distances with the heroes that existed in other similar titles. That made him a very good reception between the community, which filled the exhibitor of champions of positive votes. However, the result after all these years is clear: He never finished convincing the players.

Attending to its popularity in all ranges, is hardly played by 1.5% of the games. A modest amount that is explained in a simple way: Singed is one of the champions with less unique players, but many of them constantly use it in qualifying games. The popularity of it is the only problem. He has an interesting gameplay and a victory rate rather than competent. In fact, statistically he is one of the most difficult characters of the game.


Among all the unique mechanics that have reached the game, that of Ivern is probably the least controversial of all. A champion that is related to the jungle in a kind way and who is able to not harm the camps to collect the gold and experience of him. The reception was simply sensational and the truth is that it is a practically perfect design. However, never had a means: or dominated the goal and was too powerful or was not interesting for the players.

The reception of him, much less house with the current state of him. Ivern is one of the least popular champions of League of Legends and as soon as it is played by 0.6% of the games. We would have to play about 200 rankeds to find us one in one of the two teams. The truth is that the current state of it does not invite optimism, although the players in the highest ranges are still capable of getting out and turning it into a real headache. Unfortunately, he has been in this situation for a long time.

Quinn and value

If you are quinn players from the rework, you do not have to worry about. Although the latest version of the Champion did not meet the expectations and is on the Future Reworks list of Riot Games, we refer to the state of it prior to full update. By then, she was launched as a very strange champion destined to be played in the shooter position that only managed to give up to the maximum playing melee. A very contradictory situation that seemed interesting about the paper and flowed into a resounding failure.

Vex: The Gloomist | Champion Trailer - League of Legends

Those who played League of Legends during the seasons in which the old crack of the invoker remind you with some love with good reasons, since she could be very funny. However, it was literally impossible to work against a minimally organized team. She had everything bad from a shooter accompanied by the worst of the characters to Melé. A pity, since we would like to see that Riot Games could do now with such an idea.

Aurelion Sol.

We do not usually order the lists, but if we did it aurelion sun would be in the first position. He presented himself during the first years of League of Legends as Ao Shin and went from Champion canceled to a rescued character. He had behind one of the most popular stories of League of Legends with everything that entails and never became at the level: He is among the most unpopular heroes of the game for a few seasons.

One of its great problems is your skill kit. Riot Games focused on granting a capacity to move around the very high map that has conditioned the power of it in terms of damage and makes it unattended. Even the most dedicated players of this character have complained that playing it simply does not feel as well as I should. Never say he has that he did not fulfill the fantasy of him as a superpowerful dragon, and unless he receives a rework it seems that he will never do it.


The truth is that it is one of the most painful cases we think. Taric is a good champion, has an interesting skill kit and is able to turn the games to him alone. However, has never finished being popular among the thickness of the community of League of Legends. He just does not like players because reasons that seem to go something beyond the gameplay of him. It is true that the metajame does not always favor you, but he could give much more than he offers.

Despite the particular single mechanics of him, Taric obtained the positive vote of the community throughout the presentation of him and the rework of him made very necessary changes. The champion had been abandoned for being too simple before its update, and now it seems that the complexity of Him is the one that retains it as one of the least interesting characters in the eyes of the community. He at least fulfills his role and, from time to time, becomes a protagonist in the competitive scene.

Rek sai.

During the first months of him he was not a champion lacking power or unpopular. However, the time has ended up becoming Rek sai in a champion little playable capable of justifying Riot Games decision to stop creating new monsters for the team campus of League of Legends. She dominated the competitive during a couple of seasons, but her repercussion at the base of players was never too remarkable. Of course, its current position of it does not justify 98% of positive votes of its launch.

There was plebiscite, but now the percentage of games in which she is played is practically identical to that of users who decided to give Dellike at the time. One of the most obvious cases of characters that has aged badly, and that its launch is very close at the time to that of Ekko or Gnar, champions that have been established in the long term in the game and have a good Base of players


In this case we are facing a very interesting situation. IRELIA REWORK was very well received by the community and the truth is that the gameplay of the champion is a real show. However, it has been a problem for Riot Games since its launch. The developer has had to be cutting down functions and reducing their Hasata statistics end up carrying out a small Rework that has not had the expected results when it comes to facilitating their balance adjustments.

It is a trend that has then repeated in the new champions who have arrived in League of Legends, although this time Riot Games had very good community opinions during the presentations. At least it can not be denied that it is interesting, fun and quite popular. However, was a first step towards the type of characters that the developer is currently launching and a good part of the community might not be willing to forgive him.


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