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Guardian Games 2023: Release Date, Rewards and More - Destiny 2

Guardian Games, one of Destiny 2's most anticipated events, finally returns to the game. Bungee has recently launched its first blog post since the launch of Nightfall, confirming the timeline of the Destiny 2 Guardian Games 2023 event. That said, here is everything we know so far in this regard, including the date of Launch, time, rewards and more. Destiny 2 Guardian Games event, explained When does the Guardian Games 2023 start? Rewards of the Guardian Games 2023 event Destiny 2 Guardian Games event, explained Image Source: Bungee For those who did not know, Guardian Games is an event that takes place in Destiny 2 every year. Basically, the event is a competition between the three kinds of guardians: hunters, titans and sorcerers, which allows players to compete in daily challenges and win points for their respective classes. The class with more points at the end of the event is declared winner of Guardian Games. The Guardian Games event presented a few years ago and has be

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